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General / Re: PixInsight Cribsheet
« on: 2014 September 14 08:31:38 »
Jerry, I just read your workflow over on Astrobin. I appreciate the effort but it's a really difficult read with all of the Google translator double-speak. Now that you've had some time to process it yourself, would you mind translating the translation?

Wish List / Show start date of thread
« on: 2014 September 13 21:31:02 »
Can the start date of a thread be included next to the OP's name? Right now the date that shows is just the last time someone replied, but the original issue might be quite old.

Nicely done. Thank you.

General / Re: Convert CR2 files to FITs
« on: 2014 August 09 07:57:37 »
Don't know if it's still relevant anymore but this may help .  TheSkyX Pro with the camera add on will produce Canon Fits to begin with.

General / Re: Hot pixel removal without darks
« on: 2014 August 05 13:08:20 »
I'm also a tear down and set up imager but all you need to create a vast dark library is your laptop, camera, and a countertop. I appreciate that your camera's noise might be so low that you don't "need" darks but for the time spent debating the fact here you could have had your library finished and it would probably make processing your images a lot more mainstream and easier.

I imaged M71 briefly. Processed it a little in 32 bit floating and then did a Histogram Transformation so it's non-linear. When I save it as a jpeg or tif the cluster disappears and I'm left with an image showing very few stars. Would anyone mind telling me what I'm missed? I should mention that I reopened them in Gimp and Irfanview to see the results of the save as.

If you own Warren's disks you can save the video files to your hard drive and then just increase the playback speed on what ever video viewer you use.

General / Re: Pixel diameter of stars
« on: 2014 July 15 15:39:48 »
Thank you gents. Appreciate the help.

General / Pixel diameter of stars
« on: 2014 July 14 08:19:52 »
I heard Tony Hallas speak yesterday and he suggested dithering a distance of two star diameters. Is there a method in PI for measuring a particular star's diameter in pixels?

General / Re: PI 1.8 - Gui Colors
« on: 2014 June 22 08:54:37 »
I can see that having the ability to tone down the window edges might be nice and maybe it's something that the PI team will consider in the future. As suggested above, you could cover your screen with red acrylic, but that would change the color of the processing area. How about buying a piece that just covers the menu bar at the top to knock down some of that brightness?

This was very helpful and I really like your style in presenting the tutorial. Nice moon, too!

You tutorials are extremely helpful and I really like the format. Thanks.

It isn't possible to have the videos behave as if they were still on the DVD. But, you can rename them to give a more descriptive description. That helps a lot.

You can also download VLC to your ipad and then when you hook up your ipad to your computer you can move all sorts of video format files into VLC. And, if you can pick up an Apple TV box, you can throw the videos up to your big TV.

Okay, maybe I should have been a little clearer on this. Download the tutorials from the DVD. You can do whatever you want with any media you've purchased as long as you don't give it away or resell it. Ipods are a testament to that. For those of us in the US, 17 US 107 is the controlling authority on Fair Use.

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