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General / Re: SkyX Camera Add-on & PI
« on: 2015 July 22 07:50:49 »
What would be a real treat is if the kind folks at SB would work out some kind of licensing and software agreement with the kind folks at PI to replace that horrific FITS image viewer in TSX. Or at least add an STF choice to the other bizarre stretching formats they use.

There is an image in this post of all the correct settings. Hopefully that helps.

General / Re: Catalog Star Generator
« on: 2015 July 01 19:51:14 »
Thank you, very much! Had to change the catalog to PPMXL. Works like a charm now.

General / Re: Catalog Star Generator
« on: 2015 July 01 19:15:21 »
Tried that every time. STF didn't show anything but, thanks. Would you mind displaying a screen grab of a CSG that works for you?

General / Catalog Star Generator
« on: 2015 July 01 17:56:20 »
I'd like to try David Ault's method for registering my images to a star field produced in Catalog Star Generator. I can't find a tutorial or instructions for using the current version of CSG and I have tried about 25 times to get a star field to show up using some very generic settings but nothing but a blank window appears. Is there a tutorial or instructions available that I'm missing? I've downloaded the database but there doesn't seem to be anyway to point to it. Suggestions appreciated.

General / Re: Buying a new Pixinsight CPU suggestions
« on: 2015 June 01 13:47:18 »
$1500 in the Apple world will hardly buy you a seat at the table but on the PC planet it's supercomputer dollars. Since you are probably going to use this computer for more than just running TGV Denoise, you might want to take a look at Dell. They have a builder that makes it relatively easy to match budget with power.

Have you tried the Blink process?

General / Full screen image
« on: 2015 May 13 07:12:09 »
Is there a way to make an image full screen rather than just the Cntl+0 size? I processed an M42 on my laptop and some of the satellite trails didn't show until I opened the final image on my Mac, full screen.

General / Re: Newbie needs help
« on: 2015 April 14 13:33:52 »
I live in a suburb, red zone, and I'm taking galaxy pictures with my C14. I've found that I can cut a lot of light pollution if I can wait to start imaging until my object hits 60 degrees. Then I let it run to its transit and I start on another galaxy that's at 60 degrees. And then another. I don't go past transit because I don't have a view to the west. It might take four days to get all your time in but you'll have finished at least three objects, depending on sleep.

General / Re: FITS Keywords
« on: 2015 April 13 08:09:13 »
Again, hopefully smarter people than me but,,, if you create a series of folders with different exposures, binning, and temps for your master bias and darks you can load them separately as needed into BPP.

General / Re: Workspace Customization
« on: 2015 April 08 08:12:40 »
Create all your process icons and line them up in the order and pattern you want. Then drag your cursor over them to select. Go to Process-process icons-save selected process icons. Now they will always open in that state.

Tutorials and Processing Examples / Re: PixInsight BOOK?!
« on: 2015 April 07 07:56:09 »
My apologies for changing the topic but any idea when the Part Three disks will ship from your Astro Imaging Channel offer?

General / A Word doc for Subframe Selector
« on: 2015 April 06 07:52:21 »
I have enjoyed using David Ault's tutorial for Image Integration found on his website at Trapped Photons. Really comprehensive work. But, accurately typing his approval formula in Subframe Selector correctly each time is a bit of a challenge. To overcome that I've created a Word doc to assist. It allows you to type the values into a table and they automatically get populated into the formula. Then you copy and paste the formula into the Expressions area of Subframe Selector.

To use, open the document and type the high and low values into the table. As you move to the next box the values will populate the appropriate places in the formula. Check the final box outside the table after you've filled in LowNoise. That will cause the LowNoise values to populate. At this point, "Stop Protection" of the form in Word's Developer tab. Copy and paste the formula into the Subframe Selector Expression Approval box. Close the Word doc, do not save it, and it will reopen in it's automatic state again the next time you need it. A little simplistic but hopefully you may find some use for it.

If you wish to modify his formula to suit your own requirements, the doc is based off Bookmarks and Cross References.

General / Re: FITS Keywords
« on: 2015 April 04 12:17:39 »
The easy reply is, hopefully you still have all your original images. Do the II, but save as Fits. Then you can use them in BPP. I'm sure someone much smarter than me will tell you what else can be done.

General / Re: Image Calibration - best practice? And a question
« on: 2015 March 16 22:47:20 »
David Ault just produced this extremely thorough manual integration tutorial. It might take you a second to figure out the "weighting" in Subframe Selector but everything else is very simple. Follow it line by line and you should be okay.

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