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General / Row defects in Cosmetic Correction
« on: 2018 January 21 08:57:36 »
I’ve gone through and carefully selected my column defects in Cosmetic Correction and saved the txt file. Now I’m trying to address row defects. I click on a row and hit Add Defect. Despite the row numbers appearing in the defect list table they are not being saved to the txt file. If I manually type the row number in the Defect List txt file and then open it in Cos Corr it will appear. A little curious as to why row defects don’t get saved to the file.

Wish List / Re: Blink
« on: 2017 December 10 21:00:14 »
I open my subs in Blink. Then I arrow through them. If I see one I don’t like I hit the Close Selected button and move to the next sub. When I’ve looked at them all I select all of them by swiping, and move the lot to the Approval folder. It couldn’t be faster or more convenient than it already is, IMHO.

General / Re: PCC should excite those with a Modified DSLR
« on: 2017 August 04 06:50:16 »
Good morning all, how is PCC to be used with narrowband data that is to be, or has been run, through the SHO-AIP script? Or is PCC really better suited to RGB work? I did try it just now on a SHO-AIP combined Crescent that I've have and to my eye it made a subtle improvement.

General / Re: Difficulty removing bad column
« on: 2017 April 08 20:59:06 »
I think it needs asking, how many exposures is this, are you dithering, and for how many pixels?

General / Minimize
« on: 2016 September 11 19:27:02 »
I understand that time marches on and my two year old, 17" screen, eight core i7 Toshiba laptop is no longer sufficient to run Pixinsight. I get that you had to lock down the screen "whatever it is" that no longer permits me to see the Minimize icon on the upper right corner. I promise that I am dancing as fast as I can to save up the money to buy a bigger, better screen to run Pixinsight. But until that time, would it be too much to ask that you folks place a Minimize function under the File menu so I can see other apps while Pixinsight is open? Yes, I know about Alt Space N but that doesn't work with a process window open.

General / Re: Hot Pixels
« on: 2015 December 16 08:37:57 »
I personally don't have a lot of success with Cosmetic Correction. I can never hit that spot where hot pixels are gone but I haven't started adding in artifacts. So I did some research and I found David Ault's PowerPoint presentation on hot pixel removal using Pixel Math

I calibrate my lights, then load all of them into a Image Container, create a Pixel Math process with David Ault's numbers above, and remove hot pixels that way. It gets rid of all the hots without adding any artifacts as far as I can tell. Not exactly a newb way to do it, maybe not even the right way but it works.

Thanks for that. Very interesting.

General / Re: help with removal of hot pixels
« on: 2015 October 03 08:27:11 »
David Ault created this Pixel Math process that works extremely well for me. Took a little while to figure out where to plug in the expressions. It's all I use now.

Look around page 14.

General / Re: Astrometric distance between two stars
« on: 2015 September 04 11:07:12 »
If you use TheSkyX there is an Angle and Seperation tool under Tools. Works like a charm.

Your tutorials are really an excellent resource. I did find this bit a little daunting in the Dynamic PSF instructions, "Now as I look down my list of MAD values, they range between 1.185e-003 and 1.446e-002 (which is just over 10 times larger). We need to avoid values that are too different so in this step, we will exclude a large number of stars. What I tend to do is look through the list and roughly estimate which set of values of MAD has the most stars listed."

I know there are those here that dream in numbers, I'm not one of them. But I did find it relatively simple to use the export to CSV function in Dynamic PSF and then open that file in Excel. You then select and sort the values in the MAD column and on the Insert tab choose the Scatter Chart. It brings up a very easy to read chart showing where the most stars are concentrated.

General / Re: This is a very simple problem
« on: 2015 August 26 08:17:14 »
It seems you are making life unnecessarily difficult for yourself. You may have your reasons for doing this but if you just took your machine off airplane mode to download and install PI and then occasionally reconnected it before starting PI to get its updates you'd be much happier.

General / Moving project from PC to iMac
« on: 2015 August 25 10:02:23 »
Last night I let my fast PC laptop to do the heavy lifting of manual preprocessing. I was careful to save the project along the way. This morning I wanted to transfer the project to my slower but way better screen iMac. When I looked at the project in File Explorer on my PC it was just a 530kb file. Not the MB's I expected it to be. How do you transfer a project from one computer to another and insure that the images go along for the ride?

Another possibility and one I've just found is Extract Wavelet Layers in Script/Image Analysis. You tell it how many layers you want and let 'er rip. Of course it would be nice if there was a recombine script but not yet.

General / Two questions about flats
« on: 2015 July 27 16:48:15 »
I have a QSI with two download speeds. The fast speed has twice the noise of the quality speed. For the purpose of taking dusk flats, would it be possible to use the fast download speed to get as many flats in as possible, and then use something like TGV Denoise to clean them up? Or, should I just use the quality speed and take fewer flats?

Additionally, is there generally a recommended number of flats to use per filter? I just don't recall seeing a reference for that.


General / Re: SkyX Camera Add-on & PI
« on: 2015 July 22 10:42:16 »
I don't do any processing outside of PI. I just pull the images straight from the Camera Auto Save folder in TSX or CCDAP. I've never seen the message you reference above so no help there, I'm afraid.

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