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Gallery / Re: Orion deep space, M42 & Horsehead nebula
« on: 2015 April 17 00:50:07 »
This region is full of hydrogen, so  I would stick only to HaLRGB. If you do have NB data, maybe the best way to use them is to create Hubble palette image.
How do you combine NB data with LRGB?

Gallery / Re: Orion deep space, M42 & Horsehead nebula
« on: 2015 April 16 12:18:05 »
Very nice Savio, but I must admit the first image looks unnatural (overprocessed). IMHO.

How can I use that process container linked in message before? I have latest PI.
You can use it only with TechnoPhil`s files, because that container is a process history for TecnoPhil`s image. If you try to use it with your files, you won`t get a good result.
You can put your files on one of the file sharing services, and when I`ll find some time I will take a look.

Gallery / Re: IC 2177
« on: 2015 April 09 13:57:07 »
Maybe too much noise reduction, but nevertheless quite nice image.

Dzso, when you boost color saturation in galaxies and in the stars, you have to apply mask to protect the background. Without mask you will also boost background color. Furthermore, you have to be careful with intensity. It is always better to make a few small steps, then one big. In your case, it looks you have apply to much saturation.
Did you try to follow history steps that I have provided?

Gallery / Re: Cover of 20th Anniversary SkyNews Magazine issue
« on: 2015 April 07 08:56:49 »

Zocky, something is wrong. Your stars looks like donuts.
Yes I know, HDRMT tool caused a darker center of the stars. Since the discussion is about color calibration, I didn't bother with perfect stars.

And here is the final result.

Hi dzso!
First what you have to do, is color calibration. Take a look at the attached screenshot.
Galaxies are set as the white reference. Use the preview aggregator, to aggregate galaxies and background, then use values as on the screenshot. Furthermore, attached you can find history process icons, so you can see what I was doing with the image.

Gallery / Re: M81, M82 and so much IFN it's almost too much
« on: 2015 April 04 13:12:46 »
Fantastic work.

You should save file as 16 bit TIFF.

Gallery / Re: M106
« on: 2015 March 27 10:21:30 »
... now trying the improving the color saturation without affecting overall balance...
You can simply do that by applying a mask. With mask you can protect you background, so overall balance will be OK.

Gallery / Re: M106
« on: 2015 March 26 15:18:47 »
Very nice result, but it's almost black and white. A little color boost will improve image dramatically.

I know... but I usually shoot not less than 120 seconds...  :-[

Less seconds more shoots... more seconds less shoots... I am right?!  :surprised:
I don`t know which scope did you use, but take note that NKV used FSQ scope at f3,6. It`s not the same if you shoot 30 sec. at f3,6 or at f 6 (or higher).

Filippo, attached you can find Process Icons. Please send me your email address and I`ll send you HIres file.
Processing in short:
-rotate, crop a little
-DBE to get rid of vignetting
-small amount of noise reduction, SCNR
-histogram transformation in few small steps with mask to protect the nebula
-extract L from RGB
-boost color on RGB
-enhance L
-LRGB Combine
-final tweaking

I hope this will be of use to you.   

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