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General / Re: Problem with Image Calibration
« on: 2015 June 27 16:14:06 »
Although dark frames are missing, everything works just fine. I didn't use BPP.
And this is my result. HT only.

General / Re: Problem with Image Calibration
« on: 2015 June 27 14:36:27 »
Would the calibration masters and one light frame be enough?  Where can I upload that much data?  Limited here to 512K.  I don't have my own download site for others to access.

One light will be OK, but please upload a few from dark, bias and flat (please exclude calibration masters).
As Mike said, you can use Dropbox, Google drive......

General / Re: Problem with Image Calibration
« on: 2015 June 27 13:54:16 »
Maybe it would be the best solution if you upload some of your files (light, bias, dark, flat), so we can take a look and try to calibrate on our own.

General / Re: Channel Combine
« on: 2015 June 27 02:02:59 »
I have this kind of problem (not solved!, please help me).I have color pictures using atik (fit extension).
after integration, the picture is said grey scale.
What to do?
Convert to RGB and then split rgb channels. After theses 2 steps i obtain 3 files (gray, too, named -r,-rg-b)
And then channel combination?
BUT the final picture (rgb) has NO colors...
What to do
many thanks
I assume you have a OSC (color) camera. If so, before ImageIntegration you have to debayer your files.

Gallery / Re: Cygnus mosaic.
« on: 2015 June 23 10:49:13 »
Excellent work.

Gallery / Re: NGC 5189, the Spiral Planetary
« on: 2015 June 23 10:47:10 »
Fascinating object. Regarding image processing I have 2 notes. Image looks to blurry and blue stars have cyan colored cores.

General / Re: Channel Combine
« on: 2015 June 22 01:33:46 »
First open all 3 files (R, G, B). Then in ChannelCombination window select appropriate R, G,and B files. When files are selected, press global apply button (it looks like a circle).

Image Processing Challenges / Re: M94 - Dynamic range problem
« on: 2015 June 04 14:30:47 »
You can use HDRMT. Play around with "number of layers" and you should get pretty decent result.

Gallery / Re: Messier 51
« on: 2015 June 04 14:16:32 »
Very nice image. Can you provide a Hi Res image, because you can tell more about image from HiRes.

General / Re: History explorer
« on: 2015 May 17 14:41:16 »
Did you tried to right click on workspace and then select Process Icons/Load process Icons?

General / Re: FWHMEccentricity maps
« on: 2015 May 12 09:14:23 »
Thnx guys.

... but to be certain you really need to consider the FWHM in arc seconds, not just pixels.
Camera is SBIG ST8300m with 5,4u pixel size, exp. was 15 min., Luminance filter, focal length of the scope is 510 mm.
Which parameters should I change to get results in arc seconds?

General / Re: new to PI and having problems
« on: 2015 May 10 10:09:02 »
It is similar to the Batch processing script, only you have to choose each process. Go to Process Explorer and first select ImageCalibration. After that select StarAlignment, and finally go to ImageIntegration.
If your files have the same exposure time, than you can perform ImageCalibration on all files in one iteration. Regardless on exposure, StarAlignment can be also perform on all of the files in one iteration. When you come to the ImageIntegration, there you must integrate RGB files separately. It means, integrate all R files to produce master R, then integrate all G files to produce master G and finally integrate all B files to produce master B.
Now combine master R, G, and B files by using ChannelCombination and you will get RGB color file.
You can search YouTube for above processes. 

General / Re: new to PI and having problems
« on: 2015 May 09 11:54:30 »
Mherbik, if you use mono ccd camera, than it is normal that you have 3 (RGB) mono files. If your files are not aligned than your star alignment had failed. Try star alignment in "manual" mode, rather in batch processing script. When you align your RGB files, than do the LRGBCombination and you will get color image. After RGB combination colors are usually week, so you have to boost color.

General / Re: FWHMEccentricity maps
« on: 2015 May 09 11:43:37 »
I have reset the script and tried again. Now it`s OK. When I open newly created FITS file, 3 images are opened automatically. 

General / Re: FWHMEccentricity maps
« on: 2015 May 07 14:44:11 »
Geoff, Rick, thnx for your answers. Things are much clearer now.
I do have one more question regarding SubframeSelector. When I click on Output maps, I only get Excel file. How can I get maps like the ones from FWHMEccentricity script?

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