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General / DBE and LP gradient
« on: 2013 December 16 14:57:47 »
Here is a scenario. I`am shooting an object which has are lot of LP gradient. During the night object moves and the LP gradient changes. So I`am wondering, would be a final result better if I first do an ImageIntegration and than run DBE, or if I first apply DBE to individual subexposures, and than do the ImageIntegration?


Gallery / IC 5146 - Cocoon nebula
« on: 2013 November 11 14:50:42 »
I have reprocessed this image taken in September.
Image was originally intended for testing purposes only, but I was really happy with the result, so I decided to share it.
Exposure: L = 3x20 min.; RGB = 3x5 min. (bin2x2).

Gallery / M45 mosaic
« on: 2013 October 28 15:03:03 »

I`am new to PI community, and this is my first image fully processed with PI.
It`s a M45, 2 panel mosaic. Each panel have total exposure of 2 hours.

Best regards

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