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Wish List / Re: Note taking?
« on: 2013 August 05 03:33:45 »
Ah! Ty Gerald that sounds like it will do the job! Many thanks!

Wish List / Note taking?
« on: 2013 August 04 05:53:03 »
It wld be nice if i cld make notes along the way during pricessing steps. Then have this saved in the project. Just a simple text entry window would do.

Sean, thanks!!...I should have looked!!...Does a bit curious to call it noise reduction though?...more like Gaussian smearing ??? I think it was the name that was confusing me as to what was going on :)

Joan, can you elaborate as to what noise reduction is doing? Thanks!

General / Re: Hi! Newbie..couple of questions..
« on: 2013 July 25 06:00:01 »
Carlos, thank for that info! that useful.  I should have been clear. I was refering to the calibration phase of Dark scaling to reach a minimum residual noise. Was wondering how that particular optimisation worked?

General / Hi! Newbie..couple of questions..
« on: 2013 July 25 00:33:57 »
Hello All. Currently on the Trial of PI and so far loving it! Def appeals to my scientific nature  :D
I have a couple of questions that so far I cant see have been addressed but this may be wrong!
1) The noise minimisation via an Optimisation routine: What Optimisation algorythm is used? What about the local/global minimum problem? 2) Scaling of darks is linear, thus only first term of Exp(kT)? how about the next term to give wider T range? 3)  new Align has Geometric correction..script to generate the correction vector CSV? could this in principle be used to correct for Coma??
Many thanks!

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