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Gallery / Re: NGC7000
« on: 2012 October 22 11:42:23 »
Nicely processed image. But why is this image mirrored?

Gallery / Re: A little piec of NGC6357
« on: 2012 October 21 21:16:53 »
Interesting effect. What procedure is it? Any description?

Gallery / Re: NGC6946 Fireworks Galaxy
« on: 2012 October 06 12:17:46 »
Sorry, I still see the same artifacts. Look at the attachment.

Gallery / Re: NGC6946 Fireworks Galaxy
« on: 2012 October 06 09:21:55 »
Jeff, I think, that the darker dots in galaxy are residual from noise removal process. Is it possible to see not so strong processed version?

Gallery / Re: M33 based on PI tutorial on Multiscale Processing
« on: 2012 September 14 16:35:00 »
Nice image.

Btw. his name is Vicent. ;-)

Fantastic result Alejandro. I admire your result.

Just click the link, and download ZIP file. Extract content somewhere (choose any folder) and open it.

Juan, simply fantastic example!!

Dear friends. Is it possible to upload process icon (this is easiest way to try your process), than manually write step 1, step 2, step... Thanks. :-)

New Scripts and Modules / Re: Image Plate Solve Script
« on: 2012 May 01 22:36:27 »
Hi Jeff. You can create annotation as transparent image and combine it with processed image.

...My maximum priorities now are PI Core version 1.8 and PCL version 2.0. I am working like crazy on these. PI 1.8 has to be released and fully stabilized before Summer...
Thank you Juan for your hard work. What can we look forward to? Could you tell us a little bit?

Gallery / Re: First (digital) StartTrails and Timelapse
« on: 2012 April 27 11:38:58 »
Hi Carlos.
Nice video and good idea to start this topic. If I can continue, here is my timelapse from AGO Modra (Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory).

and the second one


Wish List / Re: Beep after processing
« on: 2012 April 24 11:31:29 »
...You could do the dishes while PI is calculating and by this way avoiding to bother your wife  :angel:

New Scripts and Modules / Re: PCL: Comet Alignment module
« on: 2012 April 24 10:05:52 »
Hi Nikolay.

This is unbelievable. You are faster than Speedy Gonzales  (fastest mouse in Mexico)  :o . Many thanks.


New Scripts and Modules / Re: PCL: Comet Alignment module
« on: 2012 April 24 00:43:51 »
This is product of my work with Comet Alignment module. It is difficult for me to process this image like HDR, but this is question to other forum thread. Alignment was done well. Thank you for your tool.

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