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Thank you for explanation, but I don't agree. Maybe these tutorial contains outdated content or tools no longer supported, but they describe other useful techniques and procedures. PixInsight suffers from lack of documentation. In this forum is it possible to find too many requests for documentation... Removing old examples is unfortunate solution. I think that marking them as not supported or obsolete is sufficient. Many of these outdated tools are still available in PixInsight. Why not examples? I hope, that many users agree with me. Juan, please, return these tutorials. Please!

Thank you Andrés for report.

Juan, could you please allow access to the old tutorials? Not only this one. All examples (Moon processing, using starmask, ...). Thank you.

General / Re: Help with pasting stars on comet image
« on: 2014 June 10 22:49:05 »
Hi Jason.

Sorry for my later answer. Your images have different brightness. This is important for good background around the stars. You need to match them. Secondary.. What kind of image integration are you used? Use more restrictive settings for high values. Today I try to create image and send it to you.


General / Re: Trying Again; Suggestions?
« on: 2014 June 06 11:10:17 »
Hi Mark.

Try these videos from Harry Page. They are understandable and length is adequate. Other great video tutorials are on youtube channel .


General / Re: Help with pasting stars on comet image
« on: 2014 June 06 02:58:43 »
Hi Jason.

Your star_stack image and comet_stack image probably doesn't have the same brightness. Tabs on your images have the green line, these images have only screen transfer applied. They are not stretched. Try to apply LinearFit  to one of these images with second image as reference. If nothing will help to you, please share somewhere your fits (star_stack and comet_stack).


Wish List / Change value of sliders and spinners.
« on: 2014 April 22 11:55:39 »
As Andre wrote in this response;topicseen
I have a suggestion for the new convolution process: In many of my images the right value for the deringing parameter is less than 0.01. However the slider has a precision of 0.01 units. So for selecting a smaller value I have to write it on the textbox. I think that you should set a smaller range in the slider and increase the precision, i.e. min:0 max:0.2 inc:0.001. That is only 200 steps.

Is it possible to implement change value of sliders or spinners by using cursor keys?
Using cursor keys up / down for increment of basic precision, CTRL+cursor keys fo increment of 1/10th of basic precision and SHIFT + cursor keys fo increment of 10 x basic precision?
And more better doing this same but using mouse wheel instead of cursor keys?

I tried Vicent Peris method of narrow band and broadband combination ( When I created continuum map ... C = B / N , I obtained inverted image after division of regular images. When I divided LinearFitt-ed images, I got totally black image. I don't know what is wrong. Please, any suggestion?

Off-topic / Re: workflow for Canon EOS 40D users
« on: 2014 March 26 22:15:15 »
It would help if you posted the links to Vincents ...
Sorry, but his name is Vicent. ;-)

Announcements / Re: PixInsight Resources
« on: 2014 March 24 22:32:36 »
Great idea Alejandro! Thank you for your effort and help.

New Scripts and Modules / Re: PCL: Blink module
« on: 2014 January 30 05:15:11 »
Hi Nikolay. Maybe offtopic question, but how are you registered Moon disc?

Gallery / Re: Comet Lovejoy December 3rd
« on: 2013 December 30 22:58:41 »
...Tell me, what software do you use to overlay Ra and Dec?...
Gerald uses Pixinsight of course.

New Scripts and Modules / Re: MosaicByCoordinates
« on: 2013 December 29 22:52:10 »
Excelent work Andres. I will try to process my 7x7 fields mosaic. I don't know, if your script do that, but is it possible to disable antialiasing when new registered images are generated? It will be better for Georg's script. Thanks.

Hola Alejandro.
I have this problem a long time ago and reported it here, but no response yet.

Juan:  If this is feature, is it possible to add some checkbox in system settings, to allow share settings across all instances of PI. I have no patience to remove zoom toolbar and add geometry toolbar every time I run PI.
Many thanks.

Wish List / Re: We need documentation!
« on: 2013 December 08 00:02:58 »
...As an example: how is anyone supposed to discover without hints that it is possible to transfer the zoom level of one image to another by dragging/dropping the tabs onto each other. Certainly not by accident, and not by coming across the one or two messages in the forum that mention this....
I belong to this group of users. Is there another hidden feature?

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