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New Scripts and Modules / Re: Gradient domain Operations, take 7
« on: 2011 November 15 11:27:43 »
Hi Georg. Any solution for dark defect reported by RBA? I try to make mosaic using newest release of GradientMergeMosaic and I found solution for me. Not a dark border around images. My images have dark border, but this defect was still visible. After changing shrink radius to value 3-5 is final mosaic without errors on the edge. I cannot find information about this in earlier posts.

Gallery / Re: SH2-170, the small rossette
« on: 2011 October 19 21:49:18 »
I don't know exact number of images (about 12), 900s exposure each, APO TMB 135/780 with flattener, camera G2 8300 (Moravian Instruments), Ha filter 13nm - Astronomik. Equipment was used remotely from my friend's backyard observatory.

Gallery / Re: SH2-170, the small rossette
« on: 2011 October 19 03:23:37 »
Hre is my picture of this object. Sorry, only Ha data.

New Scripts and Modules / Re: Merge Mosaic Script
« on: 2011 October 13 02:19:24 »
I try to merge 3 images. I obtain message Out Of Memory at the begining. Process explorer displays enough free memory at this time. Where is the problem?
PixInsight is running on Win7 at 2GB memory. There wasn't problem with registration of these images due to size.

Bug Reports / Re: Maximization Limit resets
« on: 2011 September 13 21:53:20 »
When I set maximization limit to some position, it reset to default position after restarting PixInsight. I can't find method how to set this thin line to my desired position. Any hint? Thanks.

Off-topic / Re: Meteor Detection Software?
« on: 2011 August 03 22:41:56 »
Avastro: Blinking over 600 images?  :o

Gallery / Re: IC 1396 in H-alpha
« on: 2011 August 02 23:45:57 »
Hi Thomas. Your images are beautiful and always caught me. This is not exception. Great image!!!

Gallery / Re: SHO mapping over VDB-142
« on: 2011 July 29 01:00:54 »
For me it looks like blurred image.  Not very pleasant for my eyes.  :-\

Off-topic / Re: Software binning in PI
« on: 2011 June 28 00:35:00 »
Wow. Thank you very much Juan. PixInsight does anything. We only need to know, how to do it.

Off-topic / Software binning in PI
« on: 2011 June 27 22:59:08 »
Is it possible to perform software binning in PixInsight? I think, that Geometry / Integer resample is not usable for this. Here are only Average, Median, Maximum or Minimum as operation, but not Add (Sum). Thank for any response.

Off-topic / Re: GUI elements
« on: 2011 June 21 11:39:21 »
Thank you Juan for explanation. The blue disc icon is available at StarAlignment dialog. This icon started process of alignment on all images selected in the dialog - global action. I was wondered why these two icons worked and I can't find any difference between these two actions.

Off-topic / GUI elements
« on: 2011 June 20 22:09:14 »
What is the difference between these buttons? Thank you for explaining. I couldn't find any information about it.

Bug Reports / Re: Autentification error during udates
« on: 2011 June 01 21:20:32 »
I have the same problem, but authentication on page (using internet browser) is correct.

Thank you. Old version of PixInsight LE is all the time free. Right?

- PixInsight LE is a completely obsolete application.
This is not problem. PixInsight LE is working without problem, we don't need a support for it.

- For a long time, PixInsight LE has been counterproductive to the aspirations of the PixInsight project. PixInsight LE is very often seen as a tool which is only valid to solve a very specific problem (gradient removal with the DynamicBackgroundExtraction tool, a.k.a. DBE), and nearly nothing more.
True, but all users know, that this is LE - limited edition. Standard edition is providing more function... This is clear for all.

Based on these considerations, from now on the old PixInsight LE application will no longer be available for download from our servers.

As for a new limited edition of PixInsight, we certainly have some projects in mind, but still nothing decided, and absolutely no time line available. The next PixInsight LE will not be a free product...
What is with old version? My friend ask me, if he need to uninstall it?

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