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New Scripts and Modules / Re: PCL: Comet Alignment module
« on: 2012 April 24 00:31:58 »
You don't need to know center of the saturated area. From previous set of images I know velocities in x and y axes (for example 3.5684px/hour and -1.12345px/hour). If I know these values, it is possible to realign images. I did this proces in Iris, but it is uncomfortable to switch tool for this small task.

New Scripts and Modules / Re: PCL: Comet Alignment module
« on: 2012 April 23 23:34:00 »
Hi Nikolay.

I know this feature, but where is the center of my saturated core? This is extremely stretched image, where I want to find some feature to register. The central area was totaly saturated. I don't know, where to click. :-)


Wish List / Beep after processing
« on: 2012 April 23 23:27:33 »
Hi Juan.

Is it possible to return the beep feature from PI LE? Many tasks in PI are too long. After beep I know when to return to my computer. Thank you.


New Scripts and Modules / Re: PCL: Comet Alignment module
« on: 2012 April 23 22:18:11 »
Hi Nikolay. My latest try to register images of Holmes was unsuccessfull. My set contains set of short exposures with core and set of long exposures with faint large coma. This second set also contains saturated core and I cannot register these images. Solution for me is to take one short exposure after the set of long exposures. Another possible sollution is to allow user enter velocities dx and dy obtained from other set of images. I think, that images taken in one or two hour have no problem with different speed.
Can you please update your module to allow manual entry for these two parameters? Thank you very much.

I have the same problem as Sander. Status of mask icons is inverted. I can reproduce this problem on every image. here are attached two images, that are enough descriptive.

General / Re: Help Requested w/Gradient Merge Mosaic Problems
« on: 2012 April 12 21:40:40 »
Hi Georg. Thank you for your explanation. You done fantastic job.

New Scripts and Modules / Re: CopyPasteSTF script
« on: 2012 March 21 11:04:23 »
I'm not sure if I understand your concept, but...

If you make new instance of your desired STF dialog to desktop (drag & drop blue triangle), you can aply this setting to any image (drag & drop the desktop icon).

"Easy as Dell"  ;)

General / Re: StarAlignment "Out of Memory"
« on: 2012 March 07 02:51:51 »
Good grief I almost stopped reading when I read '54 frames' :)
This will be another great image from Rogelio. I prepared for myself set of 49 images, but unfortunately have not computer that can process this set. My set is 7x7 frame mosaic around bubble nebula.

Great job Juan. Thank you very much for your effort.

Gallery / M31 HDR mosaic 3x3
« on: 2012 January 12 22:51:07 »
After a lot of time I processed data taken on september and october of 2011. This image is mosaic of 9 images (3x3). HDR composition is made from 5x900s and 10x120s. Data were aquired with TMB 135/780 (+ flattener) and CCD camera G2 8300 (Moravian Instruments) cooled to -30°C.

Processing steps:
calibration (Astroart, other steps done with PixInsight)
removing gradients from separate images
gradient merge mosaic
removing residual gradients
histogram stretch
HDR multiscale transform
local histogram equalization
multiscale median transform for noise reduction
clone stamp (removing trails from few satelites)

Here is the image, after click is available 50% version. Original cropped mosaic is 8790x6265px large.

" After AutoHistogram, all of your images will have identical mean backgrounds, set to the target median values that you specified."
I am looking for tool/script/function to equalize background of images. Images for mosaic are too diferent in luminance. Is this proces - autohistogram... - the right tool? What differences are in median on pure star field and on image where 80% is galaxy core? Thank you for any hint.

General / Re: Error with StarAlignment
« on: 2012 January 06 14:23:58 »
Thank You Juan for explanation. I make this topic because I don't think about error in module.

Off-topic / Unable to create mosaic
« on: 2012 January 04 11:24:22 »
When I try to create mosaic from two images, registration proces generate an error. I don't know what parameter I need to change. What does it mean, this error message? Details are attached. Please, help me if anybody know!  ;)

Gallery / Re: Flame Nebula
« on: 2011 November 22 21:42:06 »
Dave, why is this image mirror-flipped?

Release Information / Re: New Reference Documentation Released
« on: 2011 November 20 22:30:44 »
Hi Juan.

Thank you very much for this important step. PixInsight is for me still like Excel. I know and I am using only about 5-10% capabilities.


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