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One thing is that color like brightness can be stretched and using the right tools can help. In areas where you don't have saturated pixels your color information is still there.

Here I used your processed image and applied ColorSaturation through a mask being careful of the background and stars. I used SCNR to remove the green tinting in some areas. This all done to a jpg.


General / Re: Reinstalled PI and DSLR Raw Module Missing...
« on: 2019 February 09 16:04:53 »
There is no DSLR_Raw module anymore. It was replaced by the Raw module with the new PI.


General / Re: Winsorized Clipping for Dark Frames
« on: 2019 February 07 07:49:36 »


Take a look at this posting. It might have some be of some help.


General / Re: Small text in pixinsight
« on: 2019 February 01 15:51:53 »

General / Re: Process Icon "Placeholder"?
« on: 2019 January 31 11:01:00 »
One other thing with process icons and the history you can add notes to a process. The double arrow opens and closes that section. You might need to resize to see everything.


General / Re: Process Icon "Placeholder"?
« on: 2019 January 31 10:40:22 »
I forgot about the ChannelExtract process for lightness. If you used the Toolbar to extract L when you open the history for the extracted L image you will see an arrow. Click on the arrow and that opens a secondary process which is your ChannelExtract process for L. You can save that icon.


General / Re: Process Icon "Placeholder"?
« on: 2019 January 31 10:28:44 »
You can say the History Explorer as a Process Icon for any working image.

Here I have 2 images, a and a_L. a_L is my mask and I inverted it. The history contains the process icons which you can keep in the history icon or drag out to the workspace and then save the individual icon. To save the history icon just drag and drop the new instance icon to the workspace and then save as any other process icon.

In the main image where I applied the mask I also inverted the mask. Notice the mask section of the history explorer. The '~' in the label ~a_L means the mask was inverted after applied to the image. Also you can see in the a image history that I change the name identifier for the image. That can also be saved as a process icon.



I think it is right on topic. It's a fact of technology that as demand for faster and better everything that manufactures of hardware change with the time. That evolution is not in a time frame that most users grasp I think. As those hardware changes happen the software vendors have to keep up or the end users will move to other vendors.

As much as I would have loved to have kept using PixInsight running on an older 32 bit computer a few years ago it made no since for Juan to put time into that and PI support for 32 bit computers ended. That meant I had to upgrade some computers. We are only talking a few years ago but now that old computer would be struggling to stream normal HD videos over the Internet.

And think of say 10 years ago and cell phones. Would you have thought of a cell phone with 6 or 8 GB of ram and 8 core processors running 64 bit let alone the cameras and the type of screens. 10 years from now what will computing look like.

So I think upgrading old hardware is on topic when it comes to the future of PixInsight. It is a fact of the type of software that we use and we always want it to be better and faster. We need as users to always be aware we are always just one update away from needing new hardware.


Also could you connect your desktop monitor to your laptop?


Announcements / Re: Avast and AVG antivirus false positives
« on: 2019 January 29 19:42:21 »
For the Windows file I checked both a copy I downloaded when Ver.1457 became available. This file had been compressed and then removed to an external backup system. I also just now downloaded the file from PixInsight to check the validity of the most recent on the PI server. Both files have the correct checksum and the filesize is correct.

I am running Windows 10 with Windows Security only.

For reference the checksum image shows in the top temp folder the backed up copy and the second bottom the current downloaded file.


Bug Reports / Re: Unable to create avi file
« on: 2019 January 24 14:59:12 »
You can also just drop a copy of ffmpeg.exe into the "c:\Program Files\PixInsight\bin\" directory.


Announcements / Re: PixInsight Released
« on: 2019 January 24 10:29:38 »

I thought I had gone back to the 80's, dial up modems and bulletin boards.


I had no problem aligning either image to the other. I reset SA to make sure I had default settings, no hidden parameters from other images.

Here is the process console showing both runs.


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