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I have been trying the method and it works.....actually I found that if I use it in narrowband processing before LRGB it reduces magenta halos......
However, large stars are difficult to process because of the extreme dilation required.
I was wondering if there is any advice regarding this??


Maybe its easier if you let me know which bits are unclear and I can add some more info in the presentation?

Really looking forward for the video-demonstration of Fabian's method!

General / LocalFuzzyHistogramHyperbolization vs/and Deconvolution
« on: 2017 November 09 02:28:52 »
LocalFuzzyHistogramHyperbolization...superb script...

Would u suggest to use it instead of Deconv or in conjunction?
Would u think that they accomplish different things?
Ideas on a workflow that incorporate both?

General / Drizzle Artifact
« on: 2017 November 04 01:15:25 »
I am getting this weird artifact when I perform drizzle. This is something new that didnt happen in the previous Drizzle Integration edition.
I am doing exactly the same workflow, except of course the addition of local normalization files.

Any ideas?

Bug Reports / Re: Access Violation PI 1.8.5 Win7 64 bit
« on: 2017 October 30 00:22:17 »
I also tried a second script from that pile and that didnt work either.
Its a shame to lose ICC....its an amazing tool.

Bug Reports / Re: Access Violation PI 1.8.5 Win7 64 bit
« on: 2017 October 29 10:58:06 »
I am also experiencing the usual Access Violation problem...I cant load Interchannel Curves on (x64).
I tried reinstalling, resetting....nothing. It worked fine before the final update.
Any chance I can get a link of the 01.08.04 for comparison? I cant downgrade

General / Re: Combine RGB offset Problem
« on: 2017 August 24 01:36:46 »
Did u align the channels before u combined them in Pixinsight (after Deepskystacker)?

It is most likely an artifact from ineffective ABE. Give it one more go with DBE....

I usually create Synth Luminance by the Image Integration tool adding my normal Luminance with R,G and B master FITS.
Now, would this offer an advantage (eg higher SNR) if I do the same with Ha plus R,G and B master FITS?
Would it retain the Ha sharpness and detail?
The catch is that the RGB FITS obviously do not share the extended structure that Ha has....

Would PixelMath work better by using some formula that would only add signal and not average it?

Dear Gauthier,
what exactly do u think needs correcting after adding your flats?

General / Re: Removing chromatic aberration?
« on: 2017 June 17 00:19:42 »
U might want to look into InterChannel Curves script with a proper mask....

General / Skills of 'restraint'
« on: 2017 April 02 11:13:59 »
I would appreciate your opinion on the so called skills of 'restraint' one must show in order to achieve a more pleasing, natural look in his photos.
For example, it is interesting to notice that we are immediately impressed by a natural-looking photo but not being able to clearly at first glance say why that is the case.

Any tips on how to achieve this?

Thanks Mike,
I will have a set of fresh calibration frames.....but it wont changed anything I guess (already tried 6 month old ones).
Its the alignment algorithm...

I am experience an artifact during the alignment/stacking process with Pix.
The problem is some sort of black pixels around stars and a rather ruggedly appearance of the stars.
To solve this I have aligned/stack uncalibrated FITS and I have tried changing various parameters on the Star Alignment module as well as in the Image Integration module, ...alas the problem remains.
I have uploaded a link that contains all the the hope that someone finds a combination that works (
I have also uploaded an image that shows the problems (image on the right) and the corresponding image on the left from DSS that doesnt have this problem and shows nice round stars (the same fits were loaded in both cases).


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