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Thanks Michael,

I tested using the master flats generated from your script and they calibrated the lights perfectly.

Even if I do not use your script I now better understand how it and the original works.  It would be nice (hint..hint) if there were more options to apply different bias and dark's for different gains reported in the fits header and to chose how calibration is applied to flats, darks and lights...especially with the idiosyncrasies of CMOS chips which are becoming much more prevalent.

Anyway back to the error issue.....I simply drag an instance icon (triangle) to the desktop, close the script, double click on the process icon and then click on the global (circle) icon on the script console that pops up....and up comes the BPP problems with original script.


That's good to know... I need to do some test runs......but first ;) a couple more clarifications....

Using the script and a master bias and uncalibrated flats with  "Bias as flat dark" checked ....... I can generate my (bias subtracted) master flats?

If I use these master flats and master darks and NO master bias and uncheck "Bias as flat dark" and "Optimize dark frames" can I calibrate my lights without bias subtracting my master darks?

I have copied your script to the scrip directory under pixinsight and regenerated it but I still get the error when I execute a desktop instance?

If I can't resolve instance execution problem can I achieve the same solution by populating the original BPP script using the master darks and the bias subtracted flats (generated by your script) with "optimize darks" unchecked?

I very much appreciate the time you have taken in explaning your script...even if I don't end up using it :D


Ok...that makes sense...especially if I read the pop up more carefully :-[

A question the master bias subtracted from the master dark (I create the master dark manually outside of the BPP script)?


No, I don't put any frames in the bias tab.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your rapid response.

Typical workflow is:

For lights and darks

CCD Gain set at 139 (equivalent to unity gain) offset 21

NB light frames 120secs @-10c

Master dark created using image integration module from uncalibrated dark frames (no bias calibration)

For flats

CCD Gain set at 300 (equivalent to x6.5) offset 50. I need this gain using a flipflat on a f8 refractor to to reach 20,000adu5scs for NB filters in less then 5secs

NB Flats taken -10c (cooling probably not necessary)

Create master bias from bias frames taken at same gain and temperature as flat

Bias calibrate flats using image calibration module

Create master flat using image integration module


At this point I calibrate the light frames manually using the image calibration module using the appropriate master dark and flat (but no bias) and not checking the "optimize" and "calibrate" boxes associated with each master.

BatchPreprocessingFD module settings

I would like to use the BPP if I can for speed and ease of convenience (automatic directory creation etc)

I populate the tabs as follows...Lights, matching master dark and appropriate filter master flat.

Check "Bias frames are dark flats", "Use master dark", "Use master flat".
Uncheck "optimize dark frames"

I am hoping that this will achieve what I do manually. however I do notice some over correction of amp glow in the integrated stretch result compared with my manual process.

With regard to the desktop process icon I have tried both checked and unchecked with same result.

I have sent the INI file to the email address you provided


Hi Mark (it is Mark?)

I use an ASI1600mm that has particular linearity issues relating to calibration.

So a quick question....just to make sure I understand your BPP modification and the application of FDs.

I need to calibrate my flats with bias frame only before calibrating my lights.......I think this is what you FDs do.

I do NOT want to bias calibrate my darks or lights. These are matched in temp, duration and gain.

btw when I try to start it from a workspace icon I get the following error:
*** Error [000]: C:/Users/pauls/Downloads/BatchPreprocessingFD(1)/BatchPreprocessingFD-engine.js, line 1906: Error: Parsing integer expression: conversion error:


Thanks Juan,

That sorted it.....I must have unchecked it inadvertently :-[.


Bug Reports / BatchPreprocessing not retaining calibration files
« on: 2017 August 26 21:14:28 »
Suddenly my BatchPreprocessing script is no longer retaining the populated calibration files if I save as an instance on my workspace, close down script and the reopen it....any ideas?

I am running the latest PI update and BP v1.46


Gallery / Helix Nebula from Perth, Australia
« on: 2016 November 09 00:49:02 »
Hi all,

My second offering to the gallery.

4 hrs each of Ha and O3....I did have a couple of hours of S2 but it only added noise so I didn't use them.

All processed in pixinsight.....HOO palette using the SHO_AIP script.....the Colormask script is great tool for selective color saturation and masking for controlling noise in the stretched colour image.

Equipment details:

127mm HiOptic APO with 0.8x focal reducer.
Baader NB Filters
ASI1600mm Cooled Camera.


Gallery / IC4628 Prawn Nebula 29-31/8/16 Narrow Band False Colour
« on: 2016 September 06 00:53:43 »

I have been using Pixinsight for about 5 years now mostly on RGB images and then HaRGB before recently taking the plunge into narrowband imaging.
Image details are as follows:

127mm APO,
ASI1600mm (cooled to -20c)
Resolution: 0.82"/Pixel
Baader filters.
Ha 7nm 3hrs
S2 8nm 1.5hrs
O3 8nm 1.5hrs
(All 600sec subs)

Processing Brief:
Mure denoise
Histogram stretch
SHO-AIP Script to construct luminance and combine into final image.
Endless tinkering to get colours as near RGB as I could (at least to me?) but I think the red intensity is reversed!!!
Tried various methods to equalize star size of S2 and O3 but ended up masking and desaturating them.

All comments welcome ...especially on palette selection and star correction.;topic=10177.0;attach=12197;image


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