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Bug Reports / Re: Problem decoding Canon 60D RAW
« on: 2019 September 26 13:11:04 »
Thank you for your fast reply.

Yes the image was recorded in mRAW by my friend.

Do anybody know if is there, in PixInsight, a workaround to decode this files?

Thanks Edoardo

Bug Reports / Problem decoding Canon 60D RAW
« on: 2019 September 26 12:10:37 »
Hi all,
A friend of mine, who is not familiar with english, has a problem in decoding CR2 files from both Canon 60D and Canon 6D Mark II.

The files was acquired directly in camera without external software and both cameras has the origina firmware.

Attached you can find the error screenshot: it seems to be a decoding error.

Note that all the files can be normally opened in Camera RAW or other astronomical software.

You can find a file for testing here



Image Processing Challenges / Re: M16 Eagle Nebula
« on: 2019 August 24 01:05:29 »
I can't download the file.

Thank you for the great job.

I have a request if it is not too compicate to do.
At the moment the "create starmask" flag allows to create the starmask when checked OR the starless image if unchecked.

It would be possible having BOTH? the starless image and the starmask image (eventually in a new image)

I know that I can get the same result with PixelMath with the "Normal_IMG-Starless_IMG" expression, but I'm a lazy guy  :D :P

Thank you very much!

Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.6 Ripley Released
« on: 2018 December 17 04:22:02 »
Good Job Juan,
Happy to see the new licensing system and the nice news.

Only one question: where can I find the new SubframeSelector tool? the one under Script-Batch processing seems to be the old one.

Image Processing Challenges / Re: Image Calibration Problem
« on: 2018 October 06 13:55:15 »
It happens when the image sizes are different.

In my case happaned only one time with a Canon Camera:
In that case the problem came because I took the light and the flat frames using Maxim DL (saving in FIT) and the dark frames (Light dark and flat dark) directly in camera (Format CR2).

The problem was the same and I haven't found a solution yet.

Is your problem similar?

I've tried to align your pictures.

The problem is that they are completely out of focus, the stars have a donut shape an even with Peak Response set to 1 it is impossible to match the stars.
The out of focus problem has a secondary drawback: due to the ling focal length, yoo can see only a few stars so PI cannot get a suitable set of putative stars.

I'm sorry but I suppose that the only way to aling your set is to performa one by one alignement with DynamicAlignement.



Bug Reports / Re: CometAlignment - SubtractImage bug ?
« on: 2018 September 17 02:36:56 »
Hi, I successfully subtracted the comet image.
Try to DISABLE normalization and Weighting in ImageIntegration when you perform the integration of the "starless" comet.

Then activate "Normalize" and deactivate Linearfit in CometAlignement when you perform the subtraction.

I've published a Video tutorial on this, unfortunatey it's only in Italian, but I hope that you can follow the video.

Tutorials and Processing Examples / Videotutorial on Comet processing
« on: 2018 September 12 15:17:30 »
Dear friends,
here my latest video tutorial on Comet processing.

Unfortunately it is only in Italian, but it is quite self-explicative, so, I hope, you can still enjoy it.

Best regards

Bug Reports / Radial Symmetries in DBE
« on: 2018 September 09 12:59:55 »
Hi PI Team,

I was experimenting with Symmetries on DBE and I've found a strange behavior on astronomical images, so I've tried with "synthetic" gradients.
It seems, when symmetries are used, that the resulting gradient is image size-ratio dependent.
As you can see on the attached images, i've created a symmetric circular gradient.
On a square image the resulting DBE gradient is circular.
With the same sample geometry, on a rectangular image, is elliptic.

Am I making something wrong or is it a BUG?

Thank you

Bug Reports / Problem with PhotometricColorCalibration
« on: 2018 August 26 04:59:53 »
Hi all,
I'm Trying to use PCC with an image of the Veil nebula.

I've used PCC before without problems and I know quite well the process, but now, with this image, it fails.
The procedure goes well almost to the end, but at the very end PI tells me

Photometry process finished:
   3 of 3 images processed successfully.
   0 images with errors.

*** Error: Insufficient photometric data: Got 0 sample(s); at least 5 are required.
Reading swap files...
1830.416 MiB/s
<* failed *>
I've tried with different servers and setting, but the problem seem to be only teh color calibration data in this area of the sky.

I cannot figure out why.

Thank you for any help.


General / Different Behaviour on HDTMT in preview and Image
« on: 2018 May 16 13:50:27 »
Hi all,

I'm processing an image of the M106 region.
It is a 2490x1882 image, a Halpha - RGB composition, taken by me (16 hours of Halpha) and a friend (3 hours of RGB with an OSC).

As a part of my processing workflow, I'was using HDRMultiscaleTransform to popup the details on the very center of M106 and, as usual, I've tried  the settings on a small preview around M106.

When found the best setting, I've applied the Process to the whole image but, with my great surprise, the result was VERY different from that on the preview, as you can easily see on the attached images.

The Image was non linear (HT + MS + Curves)
HDRMT setting was

6 Layers, 1 iteration, Median Transform active, Preserve Hue Active, Lightness Mask Active.
An additional, very blurred, Lightness mask was applied.

Even stranger, if I perform the very same operation, on the RGB image only, HDRMT performs as expected with no differences between preview and Image.


By the way, this is the final image

Announcements / Re: A programming genius
« on: 2018 May 16 13:01:03 »
It's vary sad that such smartness is used to perform criminal acts.

I tried to report the video, but YoutTube allows to do it only to the owner of the "brand".
The only thing that I've done is to click con the dislike button.

But please Juan, delete this thread from the forum, there is A LOT of people that would cheat if he can, so don't help them!

Best regards


Bug Reports / Re: "Access violation" PI will not open?
« on: 2018 February 26 14:55:13 »
Thank you Mike for your advice,
At the moment I've solved the problem installing the previous version of PI ( this is not a big issue for me since Im' using PixInsight on ths PC only as an advanced "image viewer".



Bug Reports / Re: "Access violation" PI will not open?
« on: 2018 February 25 15:26:20 »
Hi all,
I've got the same problem on my new mini PC (is only for use with telescope, but it would be great having PixInsight running for some very basic processing):

It is an Intel Atom, with 8 GB RAM and a 64 GB SSD Disk (Yes! it's very small  :D ) more then half empty.

It's a brand new installation of Window 10 64 bit.

I always have "Access violation: invalid memory read operation at address 00000000000000" un startup, a few seconds after "Creating Workspaces" appears on the "splash screen".

I cannot figure out how to make it work.

Pi runs smoothly on my Other PC and laptop.


Thank you Edoardo

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