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General / Star Deblooming
« on: 2014 December 19 10:20:25 »
I am just learning PixInsight and my camera is an SBIG ST-10XME which is a non deblooming camera.  Are there any processes in PI to perform deblooming?


General / Missing Printer Options
« on: 2014 December 07 10:27:23 »
I just installed a trial copy of the latest version of PixInsight and find that there are no printer selections under the File tab.  Is this because it is a trial version or do I need to enable something?


General / Installing PixInsight
« on: 2013 October 18 13:22:00 »
I have an expired trial version of PixInsight.  When I purchase a license, do I first need to uninstall the trial version before installing a valid licensed version?  I ask this as there appears to be no way to get to a screen to enter a license key as is typical of some other software.


General / Adding a Script
« on: 2013 May 25 08:46:33 »
I installed one of Harry's scripts into the PixInsight Script folder.  The only way I can access it is to go to Script/Execute Script File.  It doesn't appear in the Process Explorer under All Scripts.  Is this the expected behavior or is there something else I need to do?


General / Selecting preview with DBE
« on: 2013 May 24 10:42:16 »
I am still trying out PixInsight on a trial basis.  Watching a Harry Page tutorial he selected several previews while using the DBE tool.  I did not understand how he was able to get the cursor to draw previews on the image.  I tried several things without success.  Any help would be apprecitated.

Larry Phillips

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