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Bug Reports / Re: Images Saved with STF are Permanently Altered
« on: 2016 February 12 18:15:04 »
Thanks all for the responses. Another lesson learned!

I did do some more "experimenting." If I reopen a file saved with an STF stretch after restarting PixInsight, it will not re-set by clicking the reset button. You must first click on the AutoStretch button. then the Reset works.

Once again thanks for the help.


Bug Reports / Images Saved with STF are Permanently Altered
« on: 2016 February 11 12:45:07 »
My normal routine is to use STF to examine an image right after ImageIntegration and then save this image. In the past these images would reopen without any stretching. That no longer appears to be true.

If I save the image, close it down, and then reopen, it immediately appears stretched. Resetting in the STF will return it to its unstretched state. However, if I shut PixInsight down and then restart and open the image, it again appears stretched, but, that stretch is now permanent.

Not sure when this started. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and the the same behavior occurs on both my desktop and laptop computers.

Gordon Hansen

General / Re: Comet Alignment Problem
« on: 2013 November 13 13:25:30 »
I had the same issue with version 1.8. I capture images using CCDSoft and it writes the DATE-OBS entry with decimal seconds (nnn.ddd) I manually edited the entries leaving only whole seconds. That corrected the problem. Now to figure out how to make CCDSoft leave of the decimals in the first place!


Bug Reports / Re: Corrupted shared image structure errors
« on: 2013 February 11 13:35:27 »
I get the error every time I close an image that's been operated on. I've reopened them and there doesn't seem to be any issues.

Gordon Hansen

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