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Were you able to download the files ? Please let me know.

Woooohooo! I guess I said the magic words :)

Hi Harry,

Thanks for chiming in.

I have just checked and saw the files are still there @ under "forum shared files/Sedat"

Please let me know if this works for you.



Ola Alejandro,

Thank you for processing my data.

Take your time please.

Best wishes


Hi Rüdiger,

Well, maybe it's only me but I am seeing hints of the flux. Please compare my version below , however ugly looking it is, with Harry's image. I am sure you will see what I mean. If I had one tenth of Harry's skill I am sure I would make mine much better.

and this is Harry's



Hi Rüdiger,

Thank you for taking the time to work on my data. I guess I was expecting too much from this data :) My flats are not perfect I believe. This results in that terrible looking data. Denoising methods are not helping as you say.

Our friends are all CCD guys I think and they don't want to spend their times with the worries of us, the poor mortals :) Maybe we should move to CCD cameras :)

Any volunteers ? No one ?  ??? ::)

When trying to download your files, I only get "Cannot find file!".

Oh! Either I am doing something wrong or the system is not up and running yet to produce the correct link. I have tried to download the files myself and got the same response.

The files are under Forum Shared Files, within the folder named "Sedat". You can reach the files at

I hope you can download the files this time. If not, please try the rapidshare links I gave in my original post.



Hi Rüdiger,

I am not very comfortable with PI image integration yet. I can use Images Plus to do the integration of these 2 files.

When I mix the ISO800 images with the ISO1600 ones, what happens to Dark frame matching ? Can I work without Dark frames, is this possible in PI ?

Sorry for too many questions but I am a newbie indeed.

Hi Rüdiger,

At the time of shooting, it suddenly occurred to me  that 6 minutes sub exposure might have been to much at ISO 1600 which would lead to saturated galaxy core and I switched to ISO 800 for the rest of the session. When I shoot with my C11 Edge+Hyperstar, this can easily happen. This FSQ belongs to a friend and it was my second attempt to shoot with it. So I am not very familiar with its outcome yet. There was another scope mounted on the side bar for testing and comparison purposes, coupled to my Canon 450D camera. Due to this, I was not able to dither properly. I believe some of the problems are related to this.

At the first attempt, with the help of dithering, I managed to obtain a nice Leo Trio:

Leo_Triplet2 by bilgebay, on Flickr

If you are suggesting that I should stack the outcome of the 2 sets via Pixel Math or any other tools, I can do that too. Please let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my data.



In case you had difficulties with Rapidshare services, I have uploaded the files to Pixinsight file server as well;

Fits file -->
Tiff file -->

Hope some of you can find the time to fiddle with this data.

Best wishes


Hi folks,

Could you please give me a hand and process my data to show what can possibly be done with it ? I will really appreciate this. ... LA_HDR.rar (64 bit fits) ...[/url] (16 bit tiff)[url]

I am a relatively new PI user and still have a long way to go to be able to use it properly. I must confess however, contrary to everyone's belief in the PS camp, my progress is much speedier and more fruitful compared to my PS efforts. Kudos to the developers and supporters once again.

I still have some problems with DBE, color calibration and noise reduction. For some reason MMT is not very effective on my pictures. I am suspecting the culprit to be my shooting with a DSLR. There must be an inherent noise due to the missing pixels, blocked by CFA. Whenever I apply MMT ot ATWT the background doesn't look silky smooth at all. I am sure I must be pushing some wrong buttons at some stages as well.

I have been playing with this Bode's Nebula data for the last couple of weeks. The stack I  share with you is an HDR composite of the following:

Scope: FSQ106ED @f/5
Mount: Vixen New Atlux with Starbook
Camera: Canon 550D - Hutech modified
Filters: None
Guide: Vixen A80SS, Orion SSAG

First set: 24x360 second Light @ISO1600, Master Darks, Bias, 24x Flats, 24x Flat Darks
Second set: 11x360 second Light @ISO800, Master Darks, Bias, 24x Flats, 24x Flat Darks
Shooting Date: 26.02.2012
Acquisition: BackyardEOS
Guiding: PHD
Stacking: Images Plus
Processing: Pixinsight
Location: Marmaris - Turkey
SQM: 21
Temperature: 9 C

This one is a quick process of the ISO1600 stack

and this is the result of the HDR composite...There are many errors I know but I guess I need a break and go back to basics before further attempts.

Can you see my White Flag waving ? :)

Thanks for reading and your help.



Tips & Tricks / Re: Image Calibration Workflow
« on: 2012 February 08 08:00:46 »
Thank you for confirming this Vicent. Hope to produce some nice photos with the help of PI soon.

Best wishes


Gallery / Re: M51 and companions - C11 Edge + Hyperstar
« on: 2012 February 06 00:19:25 »
You are absolutely right. I didn't like it either.

Here is another try:

For color calibration I am selecting the whole of the galaxy, including the tidal tails etc. But then I am playing with the lower limit until only the galaxy is white and the rest is black.

I remembered seeing in Vicent's NGC1808 video that he doesn't touch these settings, neither for the white reference nor for the background reference image. So this time I did the same and I got better colors. Harry, on the other hand, is suggesting to play with these settings until we get a satisfactory mask for the calibration. Maybe version 1.7 is taking care of this and I don't need to touch anything.

What is he correct method ?

Thank you for your kind assistance.


Gallery / Re: M101 and companions - C11 Edge + Hyperstar
« on: 2012 February 05 14:00:44 »
Here is rework

Your c/c is welcome

Clear skies


Gallery / M51 and companions - C11 Edge + Hyperstar
« on: 2012 February 05 11:32:55 »
Hi again,

This Pixinsight is incredible indeed. This time the calibration and stacking is done with Images Plus.

Scope: C11 Edge HD f/10 @ f/2 with Hyperstar 3
Mount: Vixen New Atlux with Starbook
Focuser: Feathertouch Microfocuser
Camera: Canon 550D - Hutech modified
Filters: CLS
Guide: Celestron 9x50 Finder/Guider, Orion SSAG

Exposures: 24x150 second Light @ISO800, 50x Darks, 50 Bias, 50 Flats
Shooting Date/Time 03.07.2011 00:17:20
Acquisition: BackyardEOS
Guiding: PHD
Stacking: Pixinsight
Processing: Images Plus, Pixinsight, CS5
Location: Marmaris - Turkey

File Name   M51_LIGHT_150s_ISO800_+35cC_IDAS_1143stdev_000106.CR2
Camera Model   Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Firmware   Firmware Version 1.0.8
Shooting Date/Time   03.07.2011 00:17:20
Owner's Name   
Shooting Mode   Manual Exposure
Tv( Shutter Speed )   150
Av( Aperture Value )   0.0
Metering Mode   Evaluative Metering
ISO Speed   800
Auto ISO Speed   OFF
Image Size   5184x3456

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