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General / Re: Gradient Merge Mosaic Issues. A strange artifact...
« on: 2013 February 20 15:38:37 »
Issue solved, I found the reason it wasn't working fine. The initial images (i.e. before image registration) had a background level very different from each other, something that frame adaptation didn't adjust and that was causing the artifact.
If someone finds the same issue remember to check the histogram of the images to merge before registration and use the histogram to offset the background to similar values. The you may proceed and it works like charm.

General / Re: Gradient Merge Mosaic Issues. A strange artifact...
« on: 2013 February 20 14:45:48 »
It does not work either, I chopped the images and I get other kinds of artifacts.....hmm

General / Re: Gradient Merge Mosaic Issues. A strange artifact...
« on: 2013 February 20 13:41:52 »
It does not work, it says "current image width differs from first image width". It would seem I can't crop the dark side because they are needed to keep same width and height.

General / Re: Gradient Merge Mosaic Issues. A strange artifact...
« on: 2013 February 20 11:45:38 »
Hmmm I don't I understand your suggestion. Do you mean cropping the dark edges of the single frames before running the script?

General / Gradient Merge Mosaic Issues. A strange artifact...
« on: 2013 February 20 09:40:45 »

I am getting this strange artifact on gradient merge mosaic. Do you know why and how to overcome it?
See screenshot.

Thanks a lot!

Gallery / Re: M101 and NGC281
« on: 2013 February 07 08:32:36 »
Thank you Jcamek, I am actually going in the near future to put my hands again on the NGC281 to see if I can improve it in any way.

Gallery / M101 and NGC281
« on: 2013 January 30 09:08:27 »
Dear All,

just a couple of images I recently processed, taken with my VC200L and a QSI583.


I look forward your suggestions for improvements

Best regards

Gallery / Cassiopeia
« on: 2012 November 05 15:40:09 »
Just completed processing my first wide field image since ages, I'll probably try to do some more, but I am not sure if to buy a better lens for my modified Canon 450D or using my CCD with a medium format lens.
This image was also a first trial on the field for my new software DitherMaster Blind for EOS Utility, which was a success. I was amazed by the amount of tiny objects I found in this image.

I hope you like it C&C always welcome!

Gallery / Re: IC443
« on: 2012 November 05 15:37:59 »
Thanks a lot for your kind reply! :)

Gallery / IC443
« on: 2012 October 16 02:45:52 »
Hello Astro-friends!  :)

Here I am again to show you a new image: the supernova remnant IC443 wide field, as part of my ongoing project of shooting as many supernova remnants as possible. It's a HaRGB.
Interesting to notice the bestiary of objects that can be identified, starting from different shades of red that populate Sh2-249 to the beautiful VdB75 (of which I have included a 100% crop on the page).
I hope you like it:

C&C welcome as usual

Clear skies

PCL and PJSR Development / Re: HelloWorld in PCL?
« on: 2012 October 09 02:26:27 »
Thank you Zbynek and Sander for your reply. I had a quick read of the magazine article, downloaded the PCL and installed the VC++ 2008.

Two questions:
- How do I compile the modules included inside the compiler? Considering all the environment variables in place of course. Which VC++ project should I create?
- Is it enough to start a new module by just replacing the SandBox name everywhere in the code files and inserting my code in the Apply method of the *Instance.cpp file?


Gallery / Re: NGC 2237
« on: 2012 October 08 08:54:36 »
Thank you lucchett!

Gallery / Re: NGC 2237
« on: 2012 October 05 03:02:41 »
Thanks everyone for your appreciations.
@dayers: I put in the web page a crop of Bok's globules but it got missed. Now it should be fixed, have a look at it now. Thanks for letting me know.

PCL and PJSR Development / HelloWorld in PCL?
« on: 2012 October 04 08:03:50 »
Dear All, I've just downloaded the PCL and browsed the documentation. Classes seems defined well, however I need a very simple project that helps me in understanding how to create my own modules. Is there an HelloWorld program in PCL to be used as reference? I find rather difficult to follow examples in the modules sections.
Thanks a lot for your info and look forward coding new stuff.


Gallery / NGC 2237
« on: 2012 October 03 10:03:08 »
Hello Everyone!
let me share with you my latest processed image of mine of NGC2237 a well known Winter object. It
is an Halpha+OIII+RGB composition.

Image, highres version and technical details at:

Clear skies,

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