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Image Processing Challenges / Re: Issue with flat
« on: 2015 January 28 09:03:44 »
they do not work for me...
tried from several pc & networks.

from the description, could it be frost-fog on the ccd?


I'll have a look at the issue or change the link, however I know what causes the issue (AO tilting glass), I'd like to learn how to correct this with the DBE in PI.


Image Processing Challenges / Re: Issue with flat
« on: 2015 January 28 03:28:22 »
Had anyone got access to my files? Just checking if the links are working for you as for me..otherwise I'll change the place where to download them

Image Processing Challenges / Re: Issue with flat
« on: 2015 January 28 02:17:34 »
The links are working. Dunno why they didn't for you.  :sad:

Image Processing Challenges / Re: Issue with flat
« on: 2015 January 27 15:03:32 »

Image Processing Challenges / Issue with flat
« on: 2015 January 27 13:52:57 »
Dear All,

I'm having trouble dealing with this kind of problem: as you may see from the flat frame attached, there is a sort of big dark ring; it is visible in both flats and lights so I thought this could be solved, but for some strange reason the flat does not correct it and the dark ring remains even after calibrating the lights. I don't know what to try to solve this, does anyone have a solution for this?
Thanks a lot for your help

Gallery / Milky Way Mosaic - An Ongoing Project
« on: 2014 November 26 05:06:57 »
Dear All,

I'll attach here my progresses in the MW mosaic project, I hope you like it.
So far I joined 4 frames....
High-res here:

Clear skies (I don't see them since two months..)

General / Re: Deconvolution...a black beast
« on: 2014 May 10 00:12:04 »
Thank you pfile-Rob :) Moving around the global dark deringing parameter did the job.    :)

General / Re: Deconvolution...a black beast
« on: 2014 May 09 13:42:53 »
Yes, that's what I did, trying the tutorial in front of my pc while processing mine. That was the result...  :-\

General / Deconvolution...a black beast
« on: 2014 May 09 12:38:32 »
Hello All,

after being a while off PI and image processing, I'd like to go back and process some of the images I have got into my hard disk. I am becoming mad with deconvolution. I followed almost all the suggested tutorials, but still I can't get hold of it.
For instance this an image of mine of a galaxy before deconv.
before.jpg and after.jpg show you my poor results on the matter....

Gallery / Elephant Trunk and Cygnus Wall
« on: 2013 October 08 06:24:18 »
Dear All,

I recently processed these two images took with my new scope. I'd like to have your feedback on how to improve them.

Thank you and clear skies


General / Re: Comet Alignment Problem
« on: 2013 June 17 15:10:08 »
Is there a tutorial anywhere for processing the comet and using this script?


Gallery / Re: IC5070 - Pelican Nebula
« on: 2013 May 26 13:49:05 »
Thank you!  ;)

Gallery / IC5070 - Pelican Nebula
« on: 2013 April 30 06:08:05 »
Here in Northern Italy is raining cats and dogs, so it is the ideal moment to process some image and cheer up a bit. This time I processed an image of the emission nebula IC5070 also called the Pelican Nebula. it is an HRGB composition shot with the Tak FSQ85ED and the QSI583wsg.

The above link to access the highres version and the technical details related to the frame acquisition.

C&C always welcome

Gallery / Veil Nebula Complex in Cygnus
« on: 2013 April 17 10:54:42 »
I already introduced here in the past a 2 frames mosaic of the Supernova Remnant G65.2+5.7 which was my first mosaic and my first attempt at RGBHO composition.
Today instead I share with you my new image of the Veil Nebula Complex. Also for this one I used an RGBHO composition of two frames. I definetely prefer my latest rendering especially as far as the OIII color is concerned.
Actually I belive I'll reprocess G65.2+5.7 with the new color composition too

Technical details and high-res:

C&C always welcome

General / Re: Gradient Merge Mosaic Issues. A strange artifact...
« on: 2013 February 20 15:38:37 »
Issue solved, I found the reason it wasn't working fine. The initial images (i.e. before image registration) had a background level very different from each other, something that frame adaptation didn't adjust and that was causing the artifact.
If someone finds the same issue remember to check the histogram of the images to merge before registration and use the histogram to offset the background to similar values. The you may proceed and it works like charm.

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