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PCL and PJSR Development / HelloWorld in PCL?
« on: 2012 October 04 08:03:50 »
Dear All, I've just downloaded the PCL and browsed the documentation. Classes seems defined well, however I need a very simple project that helps me in understanding how to create my own modules. Is there an HelloWorld program in PCL to be used as reference? I find rather difficult to follow examples in the modules sections.
Thanks a lot for your info and look forward coding new stuff.


Gallery / NGC 2237
« on: 2012 October 03 10:03:08 »
Hello Everyone!
let me share with you my latest processed image of mine of NGC2237 a well known Winter object. It
is an Halpha+OIII+RGB composition.

Image, highres version and technical details at:

Clear skies,

Gallery / Sh2-223 & Sh2-224
« on: 2012 July 26 14:13:59 »
Hello everyone,

it's been a long time since I posted my last image, due to many reasons, the main one having no time to process my frames.
This one is another supoernova remnant (Sh2-224) with a nice emission nebula as neighbour. Sh2-223 in fact was at first thought to be another supernova remnant, but recent studies show that is "just" an emission enbula, despite the regular shape would recall the shock front of a supernova shell.
Dark and emission nebulas at the bottom left of the frame are not obviously physically part of those nebulas.

Here you may find the highres image and technical details of the shoooting session:

I very welcome comments and criticisms as usual.


General / Problem: Batch Preprocessing of Canon DSLR images
« on: 2012 May 20 03:21:18 »
Dear All,

I wanted to calibrate some frames of mine acquired by a modified Canon EOS350D.
If I open a single raw frame and I use the autostretch feature I see it with "normal" colors, while if I calibrate and stack the light frames using the Batch Preprocessing, the image is completely yellow-shifted; looking at its histogram there is no sign of blue channel.
I already tried to change the debayering grid, with no success, I simply get a colour shifted stack.
I attach the two images for your reference, both with autostretch enabled.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Gallery / M35 & NGC2158
« on: 2012 May 15 05:24:31 »
After my good start with M33's 7 hours integration time, the same night I had three hours of dark left and didn’t want to spoil them. Therefore I started to image these two beautiful open clusters, famous for the chromatic difference due to their different age.
Image processing was definitely more relaxing then the one of M33! Just a light stretch and a color balance, and that’s it.

Thanks for looking!

Off-topic / Learning deconvolution
« on: 2012 May 08 07:30:26 »
I know the many times spelled mantra "you should not use deconvolution on non linear images".
But yesterday I tried to deconvolve an image of mine and with the linear image I was getting a lot of artifacts, while I was getting exactly what I wanted (star tightening) with the stretched one.
I asked myself why, and the only answer I got is: "deconvolution is very sensitive to SNR, therefore I get artifacts becaue in the linear image the SNR is lower then in the stretched one."
Is it this assumption correct ? If so there is an exception to the mantra, otherwise I might not be working with the right parameters...

Gallery / M33 - Pinwheel Galaxy
« on: 2012 May 05 15:08:55 »
At last I managed to have enough time to process my “first” image took with the VISAC and its focal reducer. It is also my very first time in putting a new effort in learning a new processing workflow, thanks to the wealth of features of Pixinsight, but also because I was not used to process a galaxy especially at this focal length, so learning how to deconvolve was a must. I am definetely very pleased with the result.

Link to technical details and highres version:

Bug Reports / Out of memory in GradientMergeMosaic
« on: 2012 February 02 01:38:24 »
Code: [Select]
PixInsight Core Starbuck (x86)
Copyright (C) 2003-2011 Pleiades Astrophoto
Welcome to PixInsight. Started 2012-feb-02 09:33:09 J2455959.89802 UTC

* Parallel processing enabled: Using 2 logical processors.
* Thread CPU affinity control enabled.
* PSM AutoSave enabled. Auto-save period: 30 seconds.

GradientMergeMosaic: Global context
Start: Gradient Domain Merge Mosaic
Start: Loading images
Start: Loading image D:/Elaborazione/allineate/ 0
Reading FITS: 32-bit floating point, 3 channel(s), 3600x4267 pixels: 100%
Stop: Loading image D:/Elaborazione/allineate/ 0. Time used:  0:00:06.520
Start: creating border
Stop: creating border. Time used:  0:00:00.822
Stop: Loading images. Time used:  0:00:09.333
Stop: Gradient Domain Merge Mosaic. Time used:  0:00:09.505
*** Error: Out of memory
<* failed *>

Can anyone help me with this issue?


Hello all,

Issuing a normal frame registration between two frames, I get the new framed with a kind of chopped view, it would seem the intersection between the two frames.

Platform: Win32

See attached screenshot.

I am going back to the previous release for now....


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