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New Scripts and Modules / 2DPlot
« on: 2013 July 06 10:54:51 »

for some reason I had to write a script, which gives a different view on how intensities are distributed on your chip. 2DPlot cuts the image in either vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction and produces a plot with a linear or logarithmic scale. The coordinates are variable and can be entered with the numeric box, trackbar or with the mouse in the image window:

I tested with RC7 on a Win7-64 system and crashed PI with almost every selfmade  error (i.e. variable not defined or object not set). Is there anything I can do to make scripting a little more tolerant?


Hartmut Bornemann

Bug Reports / Script compiler error
« on: 2012 October 04 11:29:20 »

yesterday I started to write my first script. Finally with success, but I had to restart my system five or six times. My OS is Win7 on a 4 core, 8 GB Dell Precision 6600. 

This problem was reported one year ago 

( )

and I'm curious to know, if there is a fix available now. If not, I'm afraid to continue working with my project as I can not always relaibly inspect the syntax rules. I think, this is the job of the compiler!



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