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New Scripts and Modules / MaskGen update
« on: 2019 December 20 09:50:06 »

the todays update on MaskGen.js includes two changes:

- a new folder is used to organize data downloaded from Gaia. Interrupted downloads can be restarted when the computer and/or network is back.

- a little improvement should also cover elongated stars. Before using this feature, one must create a psf image with the PSFImage.js script

The script is available here:

as well as in my repository.


New Scripts and Modules / Continuum subtraction, two updates
« on: 2019 September 23 10:11:41 »
Two scripts with my method of continuum subtraction have been updated.

1. CS.js

Subtracts the continuum from a narrowband image (1 channel) and returns a new view. One can then add the reduced view with any amplification to the appropriate broadband channel using PixelMath: $T + reducedView * amplification

Stored in my repository and here:

2. EmissionLineIntegration.js

Adds up to 3 narrowband channels to a RGB image. If more than 3 narrowband images belong to the image, use CS.js instead.

Stored in my repository and here:



General / MaskGen
« on: 2019 June 17 23:59:01 »
Visitors of Herbert's wonderful know my new mask generator MaskGen. This tool needs an astrometric distortion corrected solution. One can create masks with variable diameter for stars up to mag 21.


Sent from my HUAWEI P20

General / PPMX layout
« on: 2019 May 06 03:58:59 »

who can help me to find the document about the PPMX catalog?

Thanks in advance


New Scripts and Modules / GAME 1.4.2
« on: 2019 March 04 06:06:45 »
Hi Gamer,

GAME updated to version 1.4.2 with a new output option: Gradient Edge Mask. This is a contribution developed by Ken Meyfroodt.

Thank you Ken


Please see

Wish List / WebView
« on: 2019 February 13 10:35:01 »

WebView works nice with HTML content. When I try to load a pdf, nothing happens. No view, no error.
Is there a trick to convince this control to act like a browser?

Thank you


Wish List / SIP
« on: 2019 January 09 08:39:07 »

on my wishlist is the storage of the SIP (Simple Imaging Polynomial) polynoms in the FITS header after plate solving.

Thank you


Bug Reports / TypeDescription object
« on: 2018 May 12 10:39:04 »

I come with a little Problem, which makes a complete Object reference documentation impossible.

The TypeDescription object produces errors on instance properties:

   - isExternalObject (is not defined)
   - staticProperties (produces the same array as properties)

Who can help.



PCL and PJSR Development / Launch process icon from script
« on: 2017 December 06 04:45:57 »
Hi All,

my question to scripting: is it possible to load a process icon file into workspace?

I've tried to launch the icon (*.xpsm) using

      let P = new ExternalProcess();

The process returned 0, but nothing happened. I also checked this way with a txt-file witout success. Merely exe-files execute instantly.

When I execute process.start("c:\\...\\myIcon.xpms") in a Windows program, the icon pops up in PI.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


scripting is not as easy, as it often sounds.. ;)

Wish List / Fast delinearization
« on: 2017 October 31 11:10:15 »
Delinearization of a linear image as "one step solution" from STF.


Bug Reports / Null interpolation ...
« on: 2017 July 09 06:59:55 »

just found this error, when opening a project.
I saved the top image view, deleted the existing view and restored the image with the same effect.

What can I do to continue working on this image?



General / Activation
« on: 2016 March 21 10:40:07 »

the latest update of PI requires the

User identifier
Activation code

I copied both strings from my commercial licsense as always, but the server says 'INVALID AUTHORIZATION CODE'.

What can I do?

Please help and thanks


Gallery / Globular Cluster M 13 from last week
« on: 2014 May 27 07:14:11 »

now, as nights get shorter, I could spend just 2 hrs taking LRGB unbinned (30:30:30:30) on M 13.

M 13 is actually the 1st one on my flickr page:

Processing was PixInsight standard combining LRGB-RGB with deconvolved luminance frames.

Thanks for looking

Hartmut Bornemann

Gallery / Globular Cluster M 3
« on: 2014 April 18 08:11:38 »

this target was captured over 5 hrs or 60 x 5 min LRGB (75:75:75:75). The R, G and B frames where binned 2x2. This concept of unbinned L and binned color frames is still in my head but in fact, it is an unneccessary overhead which also implies the risk, if you register with the wrong interpolation. Not to speak about having different calibration frames prepared.

M 3 is actually the 1st one on my flickr page:

I used standard PixInsight methods and reduced the noise with the more advanced TGVDenoise. Some stars show unwanted turquoise spots in their outer region. I believe, those are produced by a poor parameterization of the deconvolution process.

Thanks for looking

Hartmut Bornemann

Bug Reports / Statistics process crashes
« on: 2014 April 07 11:18:26 »

since a while the statistics process crashes on previews with memory addressing error. 
Is there anything I can do by myself?


Hartmut Bornemann

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