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General / PixelMath with ImageContainer
« on: 2019 July 27 10:58:47 »

I have a set of 300 images in a ImageContainer and I would need to apply a PixelMath process that make image1 - image2, image 2 - image3, image n - image n+1
Any help with the formula would be appreciated!  :)

Thank you

Bug Reports / Process Explorer - Deconvolution
« on: 2019 May 18 09:51:46 »
Hi Juan, when write "Deconvolution" in Process Explorer finder, the first "Enter" finds it but the second "Enter" direct to DeconvolutionPreview script.

Saludos, Alejandro.

Bug Reports / DeconvolutionPreview plus STF
« on: 2019 May 18 08:57:04 »
Hi Juan, when after using DeconvolutionPreview scritp (Default values) in this image, PI crashes when you apply STF on the DeconvolutionPreview image.
Tested in the full image and small previews

PixInsight Core Ripley (x64) on Linux

Saludos, Alejandro.

Bug Reports / Critical Signal Backtrace
« on: 2017 December 02 16:39:10 »
Hi Juan, to reproduce it

1) open an image
2) select a script, for instance Color Mask or CanonBandingReduction
3) Generate an instance icon
4) Close the script
5) Right click and "Execute in global context"
6) Drag the blue triangle and overwrite the current instance
7) Cancel the script

Working on Linux

Saludos, Alejandro.

Gallery / 2017 Solar Eclipse - Corona
« on: 2017 November 13 16:18:40 »
Hi, a little late but we finally manage to have an image.

The HDR was truly a challenge, we did several approaches without success until we find the way.
The individual images were splitted in R, G and B channels and each of them were composed in two different batches, one with five images (the longest exposures) and the resulting partial HDR with the rest of the shortest exposures. This way we found adequate parameters to compose the images without lowering too much the binarizing threshold.

The moon was manually aligned with crop tool and added through a circular mask. It is almost not processed.
We decided not to increase saturation and contrast in the prominences and let them little noticeable and according to the bright of the Corona.   

We also deal with some noise near the disc because we had a fewer images of short exposure. (The long exposure image is an integration of 15 images and the rest of shortest exposure images are integration of 6 images.)


More information of the image here.

General / Sun's Corona - HDRComposition tool
« on: 2017 July 31 18:28:39 »
Does anybody has experience making HDR with HDRComposition tool in Sun's Corona images?

I am planning to picture it on August 21th and any tips or consideration about the HDR will be highly appreciated. I am thinking in the standard procedure for using the tool but maybe I am missing something.


Gallery / Annular Solar Eclipse
« on: 2017 March 05 13:49:56 »
Hi all, the past February 26 we had the opportunity to see an annular Solar eclipse in Argentina and I made the following videos:

1) Moon centered time lapse

2) Sun centered time lapse

In both videos I have used the same images which were aligned with the Moon or the Sun using FFTRegister module with different reference images depending on the target and applied over ImageContainer.
The individual frames do not have any processing, only were resampled previously to be aligned. The videos were made with Blink and ffmpeg.

BTW, it was a fantastic experience!


Wish List / Double click to "Excecute in global context"
« on: 2017 January 20 16:28:45 »
Hi Juan, this wish is only to save a click  :) :) :) :angel:

On process instances we double click to launch the instance.
On scripts instance we also double click to launch the script instance and then apply global (or right click and "Excecute in global context")

My wish for the scripts instances would be: double click to "Excecute in global context"

Saludos!, Alejandro.

Wish List / "Open with Blink" from File Explorer
« on: 2016 October 29 12:31:55 »
Hi Juan, I wonder if it could be possible to open a set of image directly in Blink from File Explorer.

Saludos, Alejandro.

Bug Reports / Dynamic Alignment
« on: 2016 September 11 10:50:47 »
Hi Juan,

When open Dynamic Alignment, uncheck "Search Features" option, save the icon and reload it by dragging to the lower bar of the tool, the "Search Features" option is checked again

Not sure if it is a bug, but I would expect a different behavior to reconstruct the samples in the previous positions in the images.

Saludos, Alejandro.

Ps: Same situation with "Continue after abort" in ImageContainer tool.

Wish List / Preview to Image
« on: 2016 July 19 15:28:18 »
Hi Juan, many times I use some processes in a preview of the full image. I wonder if it could be possible to have a way to transfer the information from the preview to the Image instead of re apply the process to the image.  O:)
Saludos, Alejandro. 

Bug Reports / File Explorer - width of columns
« on: 2015 August 09 16:22:36 »
Hi Juan, it seems that File Explorer do not remember after closing the settings of the width of columns.
Saludos, Alejandro.

Bug Reports / DBE Samples
« on: 2015 August 07 19:14:26 »
Hi Juan, a minor detail, when Default sample radius bigger than 127 Resize All and Generate give different sample size.
I am also having some issues moving samples when they are bigger than 50 or so. When increase its size and move, one of the processor reach 100%

Saludos, Alejandro.

Wish List / DSLR Settings in File Explorer
« on: 2015 February 20 10:37:51 »
Hola Juan, I think that FileExplorer should know the DSLR setting "No image flip" in order to represent the Thumbnail image in the same way it is going to be opened... ??? Make sense?

Saludos, Alejandro

Bug Reports / xisf absent in the list of known formats
« on: 2015 January 22 17:08:12 »
Hi, a probably bug or an strange behavior. Only in second instance of PI .xisf format is not available. It is ok in 1,3,4, etc.

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