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Gallery / Latest Image Sh2-290
« on: 2013 May 01 20:37:31 »
This is my latest processed image and a first for me since its a combination RGB and Narrowband image totally combined linearly in PI 1.8RC7.  I followed the wonderful tutorial from Gerald Wechselberger  concerning adding Narrow Band data to a RGB image.  I slightly modified some of the steps but the idea is the same. This is a very neat way to handle this type of data.  A total of 19hrs of exposure time from my backyard. Thanks Gerald!

Jon Talbot

Gallery / Re: NEWer Images
« on: 2013 May 01 20:19:38 »
Excellent images Warren,

Jon Talbot

Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.0 RC7 "Ripley" Released
« on: 2013 April 29 11:09:59 »

Thanks for the hard work.  So far no issues to report using MAC OSX Mountain Lion.

Jon Talbot

Gallery / Re: Milky way - One Shot Image - Take II
« on: 2013 April 28 16:56:38 »

Excellent tutorial.  Thank you.

Jon Talbot

Image Processing Challenges / Re: Deconvolution Challenge
« on: 2013 April 23 11:40:11 »
Great result Josh!

Announcements / Re: PI 1.8.0 RC6 Preview
« on: 2013 April 19 07:08:13 »
Hi Juan,
Been playing with RC6 this morning at NEAIC and the program crashes each time I close an image.  Tried to attach my crash log but it has too many characters.  MAC OSX Mountain Lion.

Jon Talbot


Hi Josh,
I had a problem similar to this using RC3.  My Macbook is a 2009 version and does not have the sleep mode but I do have Mountain Lion.  I'm assuming you have one of the latest versions of Macbook?

Jon Talbot

Bug Reports / Re: Background enhancement script failure
« on: 2013 February 12 20:20:24 »
Just a recap.  I also tried the Background Enhance Script with Windows 7 64 and RC3.  The script also fails with a blank preview and resulting output.


Bug Reports / Background enhancement script failure
« on: 2013 February 08 08:46:47 »
Hi, installed RC3 last week on my MAC running
Mountain Lion, 8gb ram. The Bacground enhance script
Fails with a blank screen then PI crashes.
Apologize if someone has already reported this.

Announcements / Re: PixInsight 1.8.0 RC3 'Ripley' Released
« on: 2013 January 28 19:32:56 »

Thanks for the nice job on RC3.  Its been stable as far as I can tell on Win 7 64 and Mac Mountain Lion.

I will be showing off some of the new features at the WSP next week.  Look forward to the layers functionality in 1.8 final.

Jon Talbot

Hi folks,

I'm happy to announce that I will be presenting a workshop on PixInsight at the Winter Star Party in the FL Keys next month and at NEAIC in NY in April.  If you are gong to be at either of these events, please look me up.  It would be a pleasure to meet you.

Jon Talbot


Thank you for the technique.  I look forward to trying it out.

Jon Talbot

General / Re: Proper Use of DBE
« on: 2012 January 15 05:27:23 »
You have a good point that I forgot to mention.  Once I figure our where my background areas are I save a process icon, then use this same process icon on the other images.

The reason I do DBE on separate individual colors is that for me its much easier to figure out where my "real" gradients are by looking at the individual frames.  I suppose one could do a combined DBE on a RGB image just as well since as you say, the process is carried out on each individual channel anyways.

Jon Talbot

General / Re: Proper Use of DBE
« on: 2012 January 13 12:50:23 »

My two cents.  I live in a suburban location with plenty of light domes.  I have been using PixInsights, DBE function since its inception in the LE days.  I find the best results are obtained if you apply DBE to your linear LRGB masters separately.  There is another caveat too.  If you have multiple areas of the sky where the gradients are different and you imaged through the meridian, stack all the images on each side of the meridian separately.   Do your gradient correction and then combine the two in pixelmath.  The gradient contribution to the image gets complicated if you have several different levels of light on each side of your sky.  I have totally different gradients to my east than I do to the west.  This simplifies the application of DBE significantly.

Once you have the separate LRGB masters DBE corrected, combine to a LRGB in your favorite way.


Jon Talbot

Gallery / Re: Flame Nebula
« on: 2011 November 28 16:37:54 »

I am going to have to agree with a few of the posters and say this image is fantastic the way it is.  I can see there is alot more dust in the dark areas but your processing is done very well to not aggravate the noise in this area.  This area is also full of Ha so I would go ahead and try add some if you have some good Ha data since as a side benefit you will learn how to add the ha data.  Either way this is a very nice image and one to be proud of.

Jon Talbot

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