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Bug Reports / Color Profile Problems
« on: 2010 April 02 17:28:06 »

Well, I finally took the plunge and purchased PI.  I am very happy with this software and my intent here is not to complain.

When I had the trial installed, there were no problems with color profiles and now, after uninstalling the trial and installing the commercial software, I cannot get the color management subsystem to initialize.

Here is some info that might be useful:
OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.3
Hardware: Macbook Pro (2009) with Apple 24" LED Cinema Display
PI: (for OS 10.6)

Startup sequence dialogs:
1.) Color Management:  PI could not find a valid monitor profile
2.) PI was unable to initialize the color management subsystem
3.) The profile file does not exist: /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays/Color LCD-4272C80.icc

I am not sure what number 3 means since I am not using that profile on my primary monitor.  That is the profile for my laptop screen (which sometimes is the primary if I have the external monitor unplugged).  Did I confuse PI when I did this?

Also of note is that I recently upgraded from 10.6.2 to 10.6.3.  Not sure if this means anything...

I am using the stock profiles that Apple created and not any wild profiles created by a 3rd party calibration system like Spyder...

Here is a screen shot of color sync and primary monitor profile header:

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Off-topic / M42 "Trapezium Taming" Advice
« on: 2010 March 09 10:09:06 »

I am reprocessing some older data of M42 as part of my trial and am having a bit of trouble taming the trapezium.  In other "layer-based" applications there is a technique that uses multiple layers of different exposure and levels of stretching to resolve these very bright areas.  I don't see a way to accomplish this immediately n PI.  So far (in PI) I have used the HDRWavelet module and while creating a dramatic difference, a large part of the trapezium remains unresolved (fully saturated).  I'm thinking this is because the linear data is fully saturated so no process will be able to resolve this smaller area.  Nonetheless, I have seen several fully resolved M42 images processed with PI so I'm thinking I may be missing the way to combine my shorter exposure data here.

Any advice is appreciated.


Gallery / M33 Reprocess with PI 1.5
« on: 2010 March 07 14:37:10 »
Still on my trial license, but I have found PI to be VERY impressive software.  I was able to perform this processing of M33 in about 45 minutes after watching and reading about 4 hours of tutorials.  I am very impressed with the results.  Keep up the great work.

New Scripts and Modules / New Script: Batch Debayer
« on: 2010 March 07 14:20:19 »
Hi All,

I am still on my trial license, but I am very impressed so far.  As part of my trial, it was important to me to experience scripting at least at a very basic level.  As such, I noticed a module named Debayer and while certainly useful, requires opening each file individually in order to apply the module.  Since I have many short exposure images to debayer, I have devised a script to apply this module over multiple images at once.

This script doesn't do anything fancy and I do not claim much of anything here.  The interface is blatantly stolen from Niall Saunders (CMYG Batch Debayer) and the actual Debayer code is from the PCL debayer module.  As such, you will find the same options (Debayer method and Bayer Pattern) in the script dialog.  The chosen method and pattern will be applied to all images in the tree selector.

This is admittedly not tested to an acceptable point, but I only have access to a Mac (and have not even tested all permutations here).  Anyone interested in testing is welcome to do so.  Also on the todo list is better commenting around certain assumptions and methodologies chosen...


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