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This forum board is for image processing challenges and exercises made exclusively with PixInsight. Please do not use it to post or comment results produced with other image processing or editing applications, even if their contribution is minimal. If in doubt, or if you think that a particular image or result can be of special interest to the forum community, please ask the forum moderators before posting it.

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Gallery / Gallery Rules - Please read before posting
« on: 2014 March 08 11:02:13 »
This forum board is for images processed exclusively with PixInsight. Please read the forum's image posting rules before posting your image.

Gallery / MOVED: Image calibration - Pixinsight and CCD-Stack
« on: 2013 November 14 00:56:47 »

Gallery / MOVED: Astrophoto Prints
« on: 2013 November 14 00:54:21 »

Hi All,

Today we have had two cancellations for the Munich workshop, so there are two seats available now. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact Vicent Peris ASAP.

Thank you.

Bug Reports / MOVED: TGVDenoise update did not take
« on: 2013 May 20 01:50:53 »

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Thank you for your attention, and see you on PixInsight Forum!

The PixInsight Team at Pleiades Astrophoto S.L.

Hi all,

This is to remind you that the July 2011astrophotography contest is now open on PixInsight Forum. The deadline for submitting images is July 20th.

If you wish to participate, please post your image to the corresponding forum thread:

The contest rules are available here:

Thank you and good luck!

but then we won't have the nice modal dialog reporting all the progress, FWHM monitor etc...?

Correct. That's why your ImagingSession container makes a lot of sense.

Would the thread be able to assign that?

Yes, a thread can modify an image, even if it is an image living in the core application (inside a view). As long as you guarantee that two or more threads won't modify the same pixel concurrently (using mutexes if required), everything will be fine.

But I thought that the thread couldn't call anything that updates the UI?

A thread cannot perform any GUI operation. However, writing and copying pixels has nothing to do with the GUI. What a thread cannot do, for example, is call ImageWindow::Show() for example. As long as the operations that you carry out don't imply (directly or indirectly) a GUI update —which means drawing on the screen, essentially—, there should be no problems.

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