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I weight before the SA but if you weight after SA, you will be comparing images that actually were able to be star aligned so this would seem to be better.  This is a good point.  I have automated my calibration and II process  and it runs every morning automatically using  JavaScript but does measurements before SA.  I might need to change this and do it twice.   What I do with SS is the following...

1. reject frames that are 2.5 SD away from mean in the wrong direction for SNR, ECC, FWHM, and # of stars.   So for example, if we have 200 as the average # of stars with an SD is 20, if we get a frame with say 50 stars, it automatically rejects the frame.

2. I select reference frames for Reg and II based on  attributes against the 4 characteristics using a formula similar to the weights you show but looking for the best frames.  For example, for the Registration reference frames, I use look the best frame against 50% FWHM, 25% Ecc, 25% # of stars.

3. I weight all the frames based on the formula you have but add # of stars as a choice to weight against.   the number of stars basically takes care of cloudy images.... 

this is all automated and I do it before sa because I need the measurements to auto select the reference frame for registration..   I think if you had a choice to weight frames before or after SA, you would weight after SA because you would remove the data from the frames you could not register which should not really go into the calculation.


PCL and PJSR Development / Re: Is StarAlignment Opensource?
« on: 2019 July 15 17:15:35 »
Hello Juan,

I don't think we need to use the staralignment code.  After doing some research my engineer feels we need a much less sophisticated capability for our star alignment. Because we are dealing with only real time processing, we will not have mosaics or different optical systems and many other capabilities that your system has.  We need find candidate matching stars and then OpenCV can be used for the homography and Ransac routines.  So for now we are good but will keep you informed as we move foreword.


PCL and PJSR Development / Re: Is StarAlignment Opensource?
« on: 2019 July 10 17:42:57 »
I will release the module as a public module.  The module will conform to the Pixinsight class library standards.  It will be a few of us working on this but the module will have to maintain a lot of state information about the stack and be able to register, calibrate, and perform a few other functions as new images pop out of the telescope.  It is to support my personal observatory initially and focused on the ability to create a great user experience for visitors who can be in a theater room  and view the continually enhancing images as we get more data  coming out of my CDK700.  There is no software that does this well today, non are designed to give people a great experience perform high quality processing on the images . the goal is to have the guest to  be able to see the image developing on the screen as a pure 4k video stream while we can manage the telescope and adjust the processing through a different interface keeping that distraction hidden from the audience.   It's good to know that we can have some access to the star alignment logic if we need it, We might be able to just call the dll from pixsight but we are still working out the design and figuring out the components we need. 


PCL and PJSR Development / Is StarAlignment Opensource?
« on: 2019 July 06 05:28:13 »

Real Time Stacking:

I'm using PCL to do high quality real time stacking module.  The program is mainly significantly reworking the Image Integration module to accept a single image to start, and then stack additional images on top of the image, while maintaining the statistical data on each pixel stack to allow of additional images to be added.  basically instead of processing pixel stack by pixel stack, doing image by image.

Part of this is a new interface to a small set of processes that we will use including Callibration, StarAlignment, the reworked realtime Image Intergration, and a few others, like color calibration, historgram transformation, etc.  The idea is to be able to process the images as they come off the telescope as we have seen in other products.

The one component that seems to be missing in the PCL library is star alignment.  I could get by without this but wondering if this is opensource.  If the code is available in opersource that is great, if not, can I use the compiled DLL without the pix-insight front in or is that no allow according to the license. 


Thank You very much Juan,

As always your responses are on point and very helpful.  The source code tool is extremely helpful.  You can tell pixinsight was build by an excellent architect.


I have a very stupid question but i seems to be having a challenge.  I have a list of files.  These are bias files.  Simple array of type string of paths to a number of bias files which i want to automate the intergration of.  I am having trouble adding the files along with the other items that shoudl go into the array of images for Image Intergration.  I have tried about 20 different ways.  Some seem to work but when i try and look at what is in the array images it says undefined.   thanks for your support

here is my latest attempt at the probelm.

var biasII = new ImageIntegration;

//enabled, path, drizzlePath, localNormalizationDataPath

for (let i=0;i<bias_filelist.length;++i)
                     biasII.images.push({ enabled:                      true,
                                                     path:                         bias_filelist.path,
                                                     drizzlePath:                  "",
                                                     localNormalizationDataPath:   ""});
                      console.writeln("added: "+bias_filelist.path+ "      to     "+ biasII.images.path);

Wow,  Thank you very much.  That is the most complete response to any coding question that I have ever received.


How can you get a list of files and / or directories if you provide a path. I see how we can use OpenFileDialog to let people choose files but I want to just go through a list of directories and pull in the files from each directory to do basic calibration for on a nightly basis.  The observatory is completely automated and stories files, darks bias, flats in well defined folders.  it also stores lights in folder based on the target name.  I'm using the engine of the batch preprocessing script but want to just go through the list of files in directories we have taken that night and process. I don't see the commands that would be similar to the node fs functionality.


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