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Bug Reports / Re: PixInsight can't read FITS files
« on: 2018 September 16 03:17:27 »
Hello Rob,
Fitswork does basically the same as the histogram function in PixInsight with Auto Zero Shadows / Highlights.
A scaling appears in FireCapture when switching 16 / 32 bit integers (a factor of four), but linear.
So both pictures contain the same data - except data width and a scaling factor of four. (I've attached the histograms)

I played around a bit and here are the things that are irritating me:
if i use the default for FITS:
The 16bit version comes up, but if I look at it with the histogram function, it has an offset of 0.5. Where does it come from?
If you scale min / max, it looks ok on the screen.
The 32bit version looks just gray, the histogram / STF does not display anything. Why?

if i use the 'Singed integer images store physical pixel data' for FITS:
The 16bit version comes up, and the histogram looks correct for the expected values, but if you try to set the range, the preview window is gray.
The 32bit version looks black, the histogram does not display anything. Why? STF brings up a Gray/Black two color picture.

So it seems only the first case is working in some way ...
but I would like to have the right scaling (0 to ..., not 0.5 to ...)

For 32bit:
One Idea: is PI assuming a 32bit integer picture as a 32 bit float one?

both formats (32bit unsigned integer / 32bit float) are listed in the format explorer for the FITS format.
and yes, FireCapture can do DarkFrame / FlatField and stacking.

From my side I can live with 16 bit at the moment (since I want to do the corrections / stacking in PI) and it saves disk space  :P
just the offset in the data is irritating me.


Bug Reports / Re: PixInsight can't read FITS files
« on: 2018 September 15 20:41:05 »
I downloaded and tested it here - everything fine  ...

Bernd, please notice the little difference for the BITPIX entry:
BITPIX = 32  -> is 32 bit integer format
BITPIX = -32 -> is 32 bit float format
(as I saw from fitswork)

I don't know how they distinguish between signed and unsigned values ...


Bug Reports / Re: PixInsight can't read FITS files
« on: 2018 September 15 01:38:12 »
Hi pfile, I deliberately just posted a small file - 32 MB would be too big for a 'real' image from my camera  :)
they are just showing the hp symbol of my printer ....

SIMPLE  =                    T / Java FITS: Sat Sep 15 05:53:16 CEST 2018       
BITPIX  =                   32                                                 
NAXIS   =                    2 / Dimensionality                                 
NAXIS1  =                  288                                                 
NAXIS2  =                  212                                                 
PCOUNT  =                    0 / No extra parameters                           
GCOUNT  =                    1 / One group                                     
EXTEND  =                    T / Extension permitted                           
OBSERVER= '        '           /                                               
TELESCOP= '        '           /                                               
ORIGIN  = '        '           /                                               
OBJECT  = 'Test1   '           /                                               
DATE-OBS= '2018-09-15T05:53:16.753' /                                           
CAMERA  = 'ZWO ASI1600MM Pro'  /                                               
CCDTEMP = '30.5    '           /                                               
EXPTIME = '0.100000'           /                                               

If you look at the header, there are no entries for bzero or anything that can go wrong ...
I just tested MaximDL, if I drop them there, it shows correctly ...

I've attached the corresponding jpg, saved by fitswork.


Bug Reports / PixInsight can't read FITS files
« on: 2018 September 14 21:02:47 »
I have fits files created with FireCapture. If I drop or open them in PixInsight, they are not shown correctly.
The following problems occur:
If I have saved it in 16bit format, I see a gray picture with no data, even through scaling - seems empty
If I have saved them in 32bit format, I see a grayish picture, but scaling brings up some data, but 'black' is at 0.5

Both formats are read correctly by dropping them into Fitswork.

Please Help

PixInsight Version 1.8.5 / FireCapture Version 2.6.08 / Fitswork Version 4.47

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