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General / Re: RGB star color preservation with NB
« on: 2018 July 24 11:05:08 »
I have seen that tutorial and tried it with some results. There seems to be a separation between true color and personal interpretation in the various tutorials.
Since the Emission Line Integration process is done in the linear steps, one may use a star elimination in the NB images prior to applying ELI. Then perform the Photometric Color Calibration(G5V) prior to going non-linear. This may have the benefit of enhanced NB integrated into the RGB image with ELI and true star color with the Color calibration. Then perform other processes to enhance the total image. I would have to try this on old data since we are in the monsoon season.

General / Re: RGB star color preservation with NB
« on: 2018 July 09 11:38:52 »
Thanks I will check it out.

General / RGB star color preservation with NB
« on: 2018 July 08 15:37:46 »
Processing RGB and NB subs together using the script utility NBRGB the stars seem to lose there original colors obtained from the RGB subs. Is there a best practice or tutorial on how to create NB and RGB images while bringing out the star colors.
Converting from PS to PI so I am still new with all the tools available. I was able to generate decent star colors in PS by whiting out ans shrinking the stars in NB subs and overlaying the RGB over the NB with a Lighten Blend mode.

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