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General / Re: Bias Problems
« on: 2018 January 21 06:57:41 »
You are welcome!

Please ignore (or leave it for later) the thread link I provided earlier. You may better take a look at: For beginners: Guide to PI's ImageCalibration. This is what I had initially in mind!

General / Re: Bias Problems
« on: 2018 January 21 06:36:36 »
It looks good to me too  :)

General / Re: Bias Problems
« on: 2018 January 21 06:08:23 »

Try viewing the superbias using the so-called 24-bit Lookup Tables mode. Press the "24" button located next to the "Enable/Disable Screen Transfer Functions (or from the menus: Image > Screen Transfer Functions > Use 24-bit STF LUTs).

Also, take a look at What is best practice using dark frames with an uncooled DSLR? if you are using a DSLR camera.

It seems that I have a ~21% drop too. My baseline result was obtained with PI ver.; currently I use PI

General / Re: Problem Exporting from Lightroom
« on: 2017 December 27 14:01:00 »
No need at all, even for the task of viewing and picking the best frames you can use PI's Blink. Or the back screen of your camera (it's faster!)

I understand that it is tempting to do vignetting correction in LR. Even for "normal" photography, LR's model for a lens of mine (and a very popular lens for astrophotography) does not perform well.

Hello PI fans,

I have exactly the same question with Alfredo. Maybe due to my noobness :o I may have missed a post/tutorial answering my question.


General / Re: Star Colours
« on: 2017 November 29 02:34:43 »

You have a lot of stars with halos and a few very dim stars in your raw files. This looks very strange. Maybe something else is causing this? Did you had this problem before with this lens/filter combination?

General / Re: Star Colours
« on: 2017 November 28 12:32:47 »
Hello Richard,

If your lens is a Samyang/Rokinon and you are working wide open at f/2, I think you will be able to recover the color of Aldebaran, at least from the 30s subs. On my 550D and at f/2, right now I have a nice blue Rigel from 1 min & ISO 800 subs.

Maybe you should use MaskedStretch without the star mask. I've had strange results myself after trying that trick!

Wish List / Re: FWHM Matching star shrink and deconvolution
« on: 2017 November 28 12:19:20 »
Actually this is a great idea. Another possible use of such FWHM matching is to match the FWHM between the channels of an RGB image to correct for slight focusing errors or imperfect optics (aka poor man's apochromat :P). I have tried to do that manually with no satisfying results :(

Bug Reports / Re: Memory issue
« on: 2017 November 26 01:30:54 »
Hello Hannes, and excuse my bad English too!

In 1.8.5 the BatchDebayer script got promoted to a Debayer process, which uses the available cores of your CPU more efficiently. If I remember well, the BatchDebayer script opened and closed (?) each image one by one. This is not the case for the new Debayer process. Myself usually have to debayer hundreds of DSLR frames and the Debayer process is a great tool. An upgrade to 1.8.5 should boost your workflow.

New Scripts and Modules / Re: Subframe Selector PCL Module
« on: 2017 November 22 13:47:15 »
Fantastic! I just noticed that the measurements are cached! No more anxiety on loosing the measurements by accidentally pushing the wrong button (been there, done that, several times in the past...) Thanks again Cameron!

General / Re: Debayer Pattern Canon 450D
« on: 2017 November 19 10:05:23 »
Haha yes, that's it! Now your beehive looks normal again :) If for some odd reason you wish to debayer the rotated image, the correct pattern is GBRG 8)

General / Re: Debayer Pattern Canon 450D
« on: 2017 November 19 05:28:33 »

According to, Section 4,

The 450d, like all Canon EOS cameras, and the G9, have a RGGB CFA.

Do you crop before you manually debayer? If you do, then it is not easy to assign each pixel to the correct channel. The Debayer Process with the auto pattern setting enabled, does not work in such cases.

Can you upload (Google Drive, Dropbox or elsewhere) an unprocessed daylight raw file?

New Scripts and Modules / Re: Subframe Selector PCL Module
« on: 2017 November 16 05:00:53 »
Hello Cameron,

Something like this  should be useful too. It helps to visualize what is the percentage of images accepted for a given acceptance threshold. I think people doing planetary imaging are using something similar.

Anyway, let's keep it simple :) My "matrix" example was way too complicated. I am already a happy user :) And I don't feel comfortable suggesting features while someone else does the hard work :)

Thanks and clear skies!

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