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Hi Rob,

I think you've found the problem -
For some reason I'm getting 3 channel/3 plane results in trigger mode on the mono camera. When I switch to 'snap' mode it goes to 1 channel.

I'll now look into the settings I can.

so bottom line is you found the fundamental issue


Hi Rob,


I have all 4 images open but they are not recognised.

You mentioned 'greyscale' - I'm starting with a monochrome camera, taking images that are filtered only red, blue or green and the Luminance filter. So these look monochromatic when first captured. What exactly is a greyscale image, surely this is different?
When I convert the above 4 filtered monochrome images (RGB and L) to greyscale they are recognised by the program, if I don't then they are not.



Hi Rob,

Thanks for the reply - I'm aware that's a possibility but I think there is a fundamental problem of the file format.
The original images I'm capturing are RAW, saved as tif files. Then I've done processing of each one (star alignment, dynamic cropping).
The LRGB combination process won't recognise any files, it says 'no compatible files'. When I change them to grayscale it sees them?



I'm new to this group and have invested in Pixinsight software. I have a monochrome camera from Mallicam (DS16c) but having problems with stacking individual RGB and L images.
I'm taking individual exposures with a luminance filter then a R, G and then B. These are the correct imaging filters from Baader (not visual ones).
I've learnt how to successfully star align the four separate images and also to dynamically crop them. I've also done a histogram transformation to make them non linear (at least I think I have).

The problem occurs when I use colour space then LRGB combination. I open the four image files but it says 'no compatible images'. I've tried xisf, tif, fits formats but still no success.
If I convert each file to gray scale then it works but then I've obviously not getting the right result (although a washed our colour stacked image surprisingly occurs).

I must be doing something fundamentally wrong. I'm using the Mallincam SKY software to capture the images and tried both the RAW and RGB setting when I save the images (RAW is what I usually do). I love the other thing so far that Pixinsight can do after reading lots of helpful advice on this forum and elsewhere - I just need to get past this fundamental problem.


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