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Thanks Rob,

WIll give it a go.


Thanks, Rick

Yep, I am using pixel rejection but not sufficiently it seems (likely a product of still learing what works etc).  I will try and CosmeticCorrection as well and see how it goes.


Thanks mate, appreciate both the insight and the language lesson.


Hi All,

I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to Pixinsight (and AP for that matter) and no doubt like most who started with this amazing tool, there's a fair learning curve that goes with it. 

I recently ran a set of narrowband subs on NCG3372 using 20 each of Na, Oiii and Sii.

I've followed a few pixinsight online tut's (both manually and via bachpreprocessing to double check) to arrive at a set of master flats, bias, and darks for each filter as well as master lights for each.

I seem to be having trouble with my O and S compilations (to be honest, I wonder if I didn't mix up the filter names when taking the shots) but am pretty happy with my Ha.

The only problem is, I am getting a stack of artefacts (or what appear to me to be artefacts) in all my master lights and they remain in my deconvoluted Ha (as tiny white dots).

I've attached all three in the hope someone might be able to say, "yep, that's xxxx, you need to yyy" to fix it. - This is the deconvoluted Ha  - Master Oiii Light - Master Siii Light.

Any help would be thankfully received and gratefully applied.


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