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Does anyone know what the permissions/owners should be set to on the various files/executables PixinSight uses?

Have a look at my post in this forum - getting the same problems with my Mac Pro - seems to happen when I try and run process modules - but not consistently

The time I had it running, when I didn't try to update, I got part way through a youtube video tutorial and was doing well, but then I got a seg fault on one of the modules as well.

I'll check out your post.

in the "Console" application (not a terminal, I really mean the application named "Console") you should find the full crash report with the backtrace and all (on the left, in the section "user diagnostic reports"). Maybe that would give some insights to Juan about what's going on.

Hey, thanks!  I'll give this a look.

I had it working on my work laptop (MacOS 10.11) but once i tried again on my home PC the license file got corrupted, and now I have to reactivate the license again.  Even backing up the license file doesn't appear to work.

But at least I may have some crash data.  I'll check it out, thanks.

"which you can install and use on any machine you own"

Can you please explain this because I can't get it to run on either of my macs, and I have to reauthorize my license every time I run it on one or the other, to try to figure out why it's constantly crashing.  My second Mbp is the same hardware as the first, but running 10.11.6.

"Could not duplicate bug closed"  Honestly I'm surprised by your tone towards customers in this, and other threads I  have read here.

Do you have any thoughts as to what log files I could look in to figure out why it's seg faulting all over the place, or is it just my fault and you have other things to do?

Macbook pro.

edit:  forgot the stats...  8gb, 2.3gh, i7.


Hey all, has anyone been able to install this on a mac?

I'veDone the following:

downloaded the software
copied the folder to my applications directory
launched the software
It pops up a window saying "You have 17 updates!"  (I am running Mac OS 1.9.5 so I downloaded the appropriate version:

So I apply the updates, it says "17 succeed, 0 failed"

Click on ok

Segmentation Violation, and the software crashes.  Sometimes it wrecks the license file, sometimes it doesn't.

So if I re-launch the application, then check for updates, and DO NOT INSTALL them, just click ok... 

Segmentation Violation.

If I don't touch the updates, and try using the software as is:

I select process, and Star Alignment
Select my reference frame
Load in all of my other frames
Select a new directory to save the results
Click the circle (ok)

The console appears to process several of the images, then the application just crashes.  No Segmentation violation this time, it just dies.

I've tried re-installing the software, I've tried using the version of software for Sierra...

I have seen some youtube videos, and WANT to like this software, but for the price it really shouldn't be this buggy and unstable.  Does anyone have any thoughts as to what could be wrong?



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