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I agree. The HA was too strong in this version, I was more focused on PhotometricColorCalibration. I've since captured more frames and in my latest version the HA is less strong.

With HA layer applied to Red channel. Takahashi FSQ106 106mm. Siding Springs Observatory.
I think PhotometricColorCalibration is much easier to use than ColorCalibration and at least for me produces more consistent results. Higher resolution at

PCL and PJSR Development / Re: PSJR move ImageWindow
« on: 2017 August 11 03:22:13 »
That worked!

Thank you

PCL and PJSR Development / PSJR move ImageWindow
« on: 2017 August 10 14:02:32 »
I've tried but no success. How can an ImageWindow object be moved at a specific location on the PixInsight desktop?


I just downloaded 1.8.5. I'm trying to remove a satellite trail from an image.

Is there a quick start user guide for large scale rejection? I'm trying to use it in ImageIntegration but it doesn't seem to have any effect on an image stack containing 4 images with 1 image with a satellite trail. Layers/Growth are set to 3 and 4, reject high large-scale structures is clicked.


Bug Reports / Console hangs with !cmd -c
« on: 2017 June 21 04:09:47 »
I’m running Window 7 Home Premium. I realize the correct console command is:

  !cmd /c dir

But PixInsight Core Ripley (x64) hangs when I accidentally execute the following command from the console command line:

  !cmd –c dir

Gallery / M12 PixInsight / ESO Archives
« on: 2017 June 16 04:02:28 »
We all like collecting our own data but there is a wealth of high quality archive data online, not just Hubble. M12 using PixInsight and archived data ( from the European Southern Observatory 2.2m Cassegrain and its Wide Field Imager. Resolution 0.238 arcsec/pixel. Exposure 20 seconds each.

ESO archive FITS files:
  • I = WFI.1999-05-14T06:19:57.132
  • V = WFI.1999-05-14T06:28:10.891
  • B = WFI.1999-05-14T05:53:13.186

ESO archive query parameters:
  • Target Name: M12
  • Imaging: WFI
  • Category: Science
  • Mode: Image
  • Exptime: < 20

Also under Star Detection in StarAlignment you can try increasing the Log(sensitivity) value. This will detect fewer stars and ignore some noise.

Image Processing Challenges / Re: Background extraction difficulty
« on: 2017 February 11 12:05:06 »
"how you place the samples in DBE and not just hit or miss"

Yes. The keys are to make sure no points cover a star, no points are on the object itself, set the Model Parameter tolerance higher in an image like this where there is significant background noise and place points where you see the gradient changing. I've attached the DBE.xpsm I experimented with for this image. I think its a good starting set of points, it can be improved.

Tutorials and Processing Examples / Re: Creating a circular mask
« on: 2017 January 27 14:31:39 »
The problem is that inellipse looks like it produces sharp edges. My equation gradually blends the mask into the background so it leaves less trace. I'm sure there's room for improvement though.

Tutorials and Processing Examples / Creating a circular mask
« on: 2017 January 27 13:57:47 »
Sometimes when applying an operation to the nucleus of a galaxy it is useful to have a circular mask that is strong at the center and gradually blending into the background near its edge. The mask can be created with PixelMath with the equation:

iif (sqrt((x()-XCenter)^2 + (y()-YCenter)^2) < Radius, (Radius - sqrt((x()-XCenter)^2 + (y()-YCenter)^2))/Radius,0)

where Radius, XCenter and YCenter are defined as symbol values with (XCenter, YCenter) as the location of the center of circular mask.

The attached image shows the mask created.

Bug Reports / Re: CosmeticCorrection Use Defect List bug
« on: 2016 December 16 13:03:21 »
I’m looking at the CosmeticCorrection code in github and I think my comment is mistaken. What I notice now is that it this is question of precedence. Hot/Cold pixels are corrected first and then the defect list is applied.

Bug Reports / CosmeticCorrection Use Defect List bug
« on: 2016 December 11 10:48:16 »
There is a subtle bug in the CosmeticCorrection Use Defect List option. When correcting a column or row, the implementation calculates the replacement value for a pixel to be the median value of the 24 pixels in the nearest 5x5 square excluding the pixel being corrected. When correcting a pixel in a column, the two pixels directly above and below in are included in the median calculation but they should not be since in a bad column these pixels are bad data. Similarly, when correcting a row the two pixels to the left and right are included in the median calculation. I have test data to confirm.

Gallery / M74, 36 minutes, 17" Planewave reflector
« on: 2016 November 25 17:38:35 »
Looking for constructive criticism on the attached image. I've also attached the PixInsight process history file. Too much contrast? Not enough noise reduction? Something doesn't look right.

Did the normal pre-processing with devolution prior to the stretch. No pre-stretch noise reduction.


Bug Reports / Re: Unable to start PixInsight on Fedora 23
« on: 2016 November 15 04:50:01 »
Just installed PixInsight on a fresh install of Ubuntu Linux 16.04.1 on a Dell laptop. When executing a shared library was missing: The fix was:

sudo apt-get install libgstreamer0.10-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev


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