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Hi Rob,

It is mono and the integration is a Ha NB image. I think my only issue I have to calibrate it to get to look normal.

General / Integration Looks Bad....Any Ideas On Whats Gone Wrong?
« on: 2017 November 05 14:22:54 »
I wanted opinions on the look of this integration. To me it looks very "canvass like" and I am not sure if it should look like this.
The integration is 47 x 180s Ha. I'm just trying out the ASI1600 pro. I dithered every 2nd frame - Very High Dither.
The integration is - without ?- any calibration, just the subs registered to each other and integrated. Would doing the calibration (bias/dark/flat) change the "texture" of the integration?:

All I did was register the subs (I tried 3 different Interpolations and they all turned out like this) and do a LocalNormalization for the Integration. Although I did do one Integration without Local Normalization just to see if that made a didn't.

Here is a link to the subs and the integration if anyone wants to look:

I just got the exact same error. All I did was plug in a card reader to look at some DSLR camera pics I took in LightRoom (Adobe product). I don't even have PI open or running (checked in Task manager)??

Hi Rick,

Many thanks.

General / Pixinsight Reloaded Tutorial Question - Deconvolution
« on: 2017 October 08 18:58:25 »

In the tut on Deconvolution it recommends to use stars with an amplitude between .3 and .7. I'm imaging with a C11 Edge and an ASI1600 MM-Cooled camera. This gives me an image scale of about .28 arcsec/px. My star amplitudes are around .04 - .02 for average non-saturated stars with this combo. What amplitudes should I be aiming for at this image scale?

General / CPU Usage
« on: 2017 August 29 22:50:21 »
I'm trying to stack a large number of subs (1003) and PI keeps failing tp complete this.

My system is a Win 10 machine with 32 Gigs Memory and an Intel i7 6770k chip @ 4MHz. It seems to max out, as the picture shows:

Would increasing my memory to 64 Gigs help to have this Integration complete successfully?

Never mind, sorted it out thanks.

General / How to get your Process Icons File to Load at startup
« on: 2017 August 04 08:17:26 »

After the latest upgrade my Process Icons don't load at startup. How do I set this up again?


Hi Neil,

I'm onboard with all that you have said. My only caveat with the ASI1600 is that there is no need to go longer than 1 - 2 min for LRGB (as low as 5 sec for L) and a max of 300 sec for NB. The camera has a low read noise so doesn't take much time to get a proper exposure - plus amp glow becomes more of an issue going past 5 min.


Wow, thanks for the reply. A lot of info. The camera is an ASI1600 with TEC cooling. You are probably right in that I don't need any Bias frames.


On my computer I can run 256 Bias frames through ImageIntegration to produce a Master Bias in about 3 minutes. If I leave all the settings the same but change the Pixel Rejection to Winsorized Sigma it takes like an hour to process the same Bias files. Why?

Also, running the Winsorized Sigma Pixel Rejection seems to get the "Pixinsight Not Responding" message fairly often if I try doing anything else while processing with Winsorized Sigma clipping.

I am on Windows 10, i7 6700K, 32Gig mem, SSD and using a RAM Disk of 16Gig.

General / Zero or Insufficient Signal Detected (empty image?)
« on: 2017 February 27 17:11:47 »

Last night I managed to get some data (OIII) and successfully integrated it into an image. However, I did not bother with any calibration frames, as I just wanted to see what I had and play around with it a bit. There was some amp glow in the OIII data (8 min subs) so I decided I would take some darks and calibrate the OIII before Integrating it into a final sub.

I went ahead and got 22 x 8min darks at the same temp as the OIII data. I made a Master_Dark out of this and calibrated the OIII subs with just this Master_Dark. I then registered the frames nad then tried an Integration.

The Integration always fails with the "Zero or Insufficient Signal Detected (empty image?)". I don't understand why this is happening? Am I not allowed to just calibrate with a Master_Flat?

General / Re: How To Save Process Icons
« on: 2017 February 15 08:47:52 »

Thanks all. Using the "" has done the trick - have to brush up on my Unix   :P

I am using a PC with Windows 10.


General / Re: How To Save Process Icons
« on: 2017 February 14 22:20:08 »
Hi Thanks,

I almost there but I can't seem to get the file path to work. I'm using: .open C:/Users/Tony Benjamin/Desktop/Astronomy/AstroPics/MyProcessIcons.xpsm

Is this not a good path to use?

General / How To Save Process Icons
« on: 2017 February 14 21:08:36 »

Is it possible to have PI open up with your favorite Processes already on the workspace? I keep saving them under the "Save Process Icons", but only one is ever saved. How do I get to have a bunch of them?

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