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General / CPU Usage
« on: 2017 August 29 22:50:21 »
I'm trying to stack a large number of subs (1003) and PI keeps failing tp complete this.

My system is a Win 10 machine with 32 Gigs Memory and an Intel i7 6770k chip @ 4MHz. It seems to max out, as the picture shows:

Would increasing my memory to 64 Gigs help to have this Integration complete successfully?

General / How to get your Process Icons File to Load at startup
« on: 2017 August 04 08:17:26 »

After the latest upgrade my Process Icons don't load at startup. How do I set this up again?



On my computer I can run 256 Bias frames through ImageIntegration to produce a Master Bias in about 3 minutes. If I leave all the settings the same but change the Pixel Rejection to Winsorized Sigma it takes like an hour to process the same Bias files. Why?

Also, running the Winsorized Sigma Pixel Rejection seems to get the "Pixinsight Not Responding" message fairly often if I try doing anything else while processing with Winsorized Sigma clipping.

I am on Windows 10, i7 6700K, 32Gig mem, SSD and using a RAM Disk of 16Gig.

General / Zero or Insufficient Signal Detected (empty image?)
« on: 2017 February 27 17:11:47 »

Last night I managed to get some data (OIII) and successfully integrated it into an image. However, I did not bother with any calibration frames, as I just wanted to see what I had and play around with it a bit. There was some amp glow in the OIII data (8 min subs) so I decided I would take some darks and calibrate the OIII before Integrating it into a final sub.

I went ahead and got 22 x 8min darks at the same temp as the OIII data. I made a Master_Dark out of this and calibrated the OIII subs with just this Master_Dark. I then registered the frames nad then tried an Integration.

The Integration always fails with the "Zero or Insufficient Signal Detected (empty image?)". I don't understand why this is happening? Am I not allowed to just calibrate with a Master_Flat?

General / How To Save Process Icons
« on: 2017 February 14 21:08:36 »

Is it possible to have PI open up with your favorite Processes already on the workspace? I keep saving them under the "Save Process Icons", but only one is ever saved. How do I get to have a bunch of them?

General / Help With Noise Estimation
« on: 2016 August 21 12:37:14 »

I am pretty new to Astro Imaging and to Pixinsight. I was hoping to get the voice of experience about noise in my images. Below is more or less a typical stack of 200 frames @ 30 sec each. The camera used was a OSC ASI 1600 cooled. The frames have been calibrated with flats/bias and darks. I have used Blink and the Sub Frame Selector to cull the frames as best I could. They were then registered and integrated.

Is the amount of noise, in the image, fairly typical of what to expect given a relatively short integration (1hr40min)? I have zoomed in a fair bit. I do have some light pollution (think I am in a yellow zone). I have tried dithering as well and the results are pretty much the same.

Can this noise be removed successfully? If so, is it best done in a linear state (MultiScaleTransform?) or in a non-linear state (ACDNR?). Or done in both states? Which is the best method (work flow) to attack this noise?

Would a mono camera reduce the amount of noise the images seem to have?

Appreciate any thoughts about this.

Many Thanks

General / Deconvolution Question
« on: 2016 August 20 10:05:13 »

I am trying to get a good star model using DynamicPSF prior to the Deconvolution Process. I am using a linear OSC image for this. When I select a star I get three values (entries) in the DynamicPSF table. Is this normal or should I be taking a Luminence layer from the OSC image to do the star picking with? Does it matter?

Also, some of the entries are Moffat and some are Gaussian whats the difference? It seems I cannot mix these and I choose Moffat for the stars.


General / New Script Not Showing Up in Pixinsight?
« on: 2016 August 20 08:37:34 »

I am trying to add the new ColorMask 0.7 script and am having no success.

I downloaded the file and installed it in to my C:\Program Files\PixInsight\src\scripts folder. Now when I open up the "Features Script" in Pixinsight it is not there?

What am I doing wrong?

General / Color Noise Removal
« on: 2016 August 17 20:00:59 »

I am really, really new to Pixinsight and am doing my best to come to grips with it. Its a great program and I am dedicated to learning it. I was hoping I could get some help with the following issue. I am trying to process some M13 data but cannot get rid of some color (orange) noise. I am at the point where I have done Dynamic Crop/DBE/Background Neutralization/Color Calibration/Histogram Stretch/Luminance Mask +Multi Scale Linear Transform (to reduce noise). I have attached a picture of what I see when zooming in.

This was also dithered.

I have also provided a link to the >Fit file if anyone wants to have a crack at it.

Is it possible to get rid of that noise ( data was taken on a full moon with only an hour of data). I have had this same color issue with 5 hours of data so was hoping to figure out a way to get rid of it before committing to longer data acquisition. If it is possible can you explain (laymans terms) how to do it or point me towards a tutorial. I have looked at a lot of tuts but cannot find what I need (maybe it doesn't exist)?

Many Thanks

General / Blink and Debayered Images
« on: 2016 August 05 15:31:02 »

I tried using blink on debayered images and it did not work - things basically froze. Please confirm that blink is only for non-bayered images.


General / Horizontal Lines/Bands in Image
« on: 2016 August 01 12:25:25 »

Took some images of M31 last night and after stacking (in Pixinsight) I auto stretched to have a look and I see these lines in the image.

The camera is an ASI1600MC-Cooled. I took flats/darks/bias frames.

My calibration frames were shot as follows:
•Flats .27 sec exposures using a spike a field
•Darks 45 sec exposures
•Bias 0.0 sec (SGP)

Camera was cooled to -20c for all imaging/calibration files.
I used all this the other night and the image seemed to come out fine with processing in Pixinsight?

I don't want to further process this until I know whats causing this.

General / Color of Stacked Image
« on: 2016 July 31 09:51:42 »

Total newbie with Pixinsight.

I followed the tut on Pixinsight Processing and my final stacked/drizzled image is very purple/pink. Is this normal and something that is fixed in processing?

I will try to upload a pic once I figure out how to.

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