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I have finished stacking all of my files, and when I try to use either DBE or ABE, I cannot seem to clean up the background at all.

Here is the stacked file.

Can anyone look at this file and tell me what might be wrong with the file, or what the proper procedure would be to have more success?


I have a number of shots of Orion and I would like to learn how to stack and then post process.
All of my shots are such that the picture is all in the nebula.
Meaning, there is no black space.  Many of the tutorials that I have found so far start out with picking a darkest and lightest area to do the calibration.
But, since I have no 'empty space' in my pictures, I do not know how to proceed in processing.
Anyone know of a good tutorial for this kind of job?


In the tutorial  tutorial-pre-processing-calibrating-and-stacking-images-in-pixinsight.html#Section1
I find that there is a description that I do not understand.
I am attaching a jpg of the screen that shows the text that I am not clear on.
In the text above the picture, he points out that, like him, he does not use the darks at this stage.
Then below the picture, it seems to point out that it should be used.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
I am not sure what the difference would be or how it will affect the next steps.


I am using PI to process my pics. I am following the instructions suggested to me over at Light Vortex.
I am at a place where it is asking me to enter the gain of my camera chip in e/ADU.
I have not been able to find this information for several hours now.
Does someone have a chart of gain values for different cameras?
I have a Rebel T3i (600D).
Also, it was suggested that I could use the script Basic CCD Parameters, but it crashes when I try to use it.


All of the tutorials that I am finding seem to start with the 4 B/W files LRGB, or .fit files to start.
Is there a tutorial that steps through using my Color CR2 files, or how to convert them to fit files?


Good Morning.
I have been trying to process my pics for a couple of weeks now.
I have the eval version so I can learn how to use it and if I want to buy it.
The problem that I am having is that while following many tutorials/explanations I always run into a step where my result is radically different that the tutorial.
Since I do not know why it failed, I don't know what or how to ask for assistance.
I have tried many of my photos, and cannot get anything to work.
I have successfully used DSS on all of the pics that I am trying to use PI on, but to no avail.
PI will not stack my pics, PI will not work on any of my Autosave files from DSS.
Sigh :sad:
I do not know how to proceed or who to ask.

Any suggestions?


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