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Bug Reports / Crash Report
« on: 2019 February 09 16:00:07 »
Here is a crash report.  PI simply hard crashed.  First time this has happened in years.
Mac 10.13.6

Could it be that the variations that he is reporting are due to differences in the weighting in reference to the reference image?  I think that maybe the weightings are in reference to the first image, or reference image, of the stack.  If the first image in the list we different for the 2 runs, then it is like comparing apples to oranges. 

Can someone please let me/us know if that is correct - that the weightings are dependent on the first image in the list of Image Integration?


There is no best method.  Most people will do the majority of the noise reduction in linear mode, before Histogram Transformation.  This way you don't have to stretch the noise (or at least most of it).  Regardless, a popular strategy is to use TVGDN followed by ACDNR with a Lum mask protecting the highlights.  Try those tools and see how you do.


General / Re: Unable to save project
« on: 2019 February 05 08:50:47 »

I've run into this before, and I'm pretty sure what it means is that PI can no longer find a certain swap file  that is needed in order to create the project correctly.  If PI runs out of swap space, it starts to throw out the older files to create space for new ones (more or less).  If you go too long without saving, you run the chance of the program throwing out something you need, as you experienced. The only way forward, I think, is to delete the file that is associated with the swap.  Then, you can save the project minus that one file.  Once you get burned by this issues once or twice, you will learn to save your project at the end of every processing session.  Since it now only updates changed files, it only take a minute to run, usually. 


If the above info is wrong, someone please correct me.

General / Re: Output Subframes with new Subframe Selector Process
« on: 2019 January 08 05:50:21 »
This thread is really interesting  (in terms of new/expanding astro functionality on the Mac side).  I looked at the Astropy  package.  Just curious - what do/would you use it for?


General / Re: ImageSolver not working...?
« on: 2018 June 25 12:49:21 »
I solved the issue by re-installing PI.  Its weird - my GAME script also disappeared, but just that script.  Everything seems back to normal now... 

General / Re: ImageSolver not working...?
« on: 2018 June 25 05:07:13 »
Thank you, but this is not the issue. 

When I try to even open the ImageSolver script, it fails to open and gives me the above error message instead. 


General / ImageSolver not working...?
« on: 2018 June 24 18:12:07 »
I get the following error when trying to run either the ImageSolver script or PCC.  Is this a known error?  I've never seen it before....

*** Error [001]: /Applications/PixInsight/src/scripts/AdP/ImageSolver.js, line 276: ReferenceError: Gaia_Catalog is not defined

Any help?

General / Re: HDRComposition
« on: 2018 June 13 10:24:35 »
Rob - I did try that, didn't seem to make a difference, unless it had to be very low - I only went down to .5

Also, I forgot to mention that I applied LinearFit to all the frames before doing the HDR, but I'm not positive that was required. 

General / Re: HDRComposition
« on: 2018 June 13 09:38:35 »
So, I did try your data and I can not say I fully understand what is happening or why.  Smarter people then me will have to answer. 

However, I was able to create an HDR image.  It simply would not work with all of your masters, as you said.  I was able to successfully combine the 20,40 and 60s sec frames into an HDR image.  If I tried to include the 80s, it would not work.  I also defined the area of interest, which may be important in this case.  After creating the HDR from the 3 short subs, I used that HDR image and combined it with the 300s image in HDRC, creating another HDR image.  This also worked well.  Afterward, the new HDR image was much improved over the 300s by itself, I think.  Try it and see what you think.  If I added the 20,40,60,300 frames all at once, it also did not work.


I'm going to guess that makes a difference -  best to calibrate subs with masters from the same camera, I always say.  :D

General / Re: HDRComposition
« on: 2018 June 12 11:02:59 »
It works with globulars, just not with open clusters.  No, I'm kidding of course - the subject matter does not matter.

You did not describe your process.  All of the frames that you are putting into HDRC should be fully calibrated,  integrated to a master, and linear (not stretched) - is that the case?


That error means that one of the calibration frames you are using is different size then the sub you are trying to apply it to.  Did you, for some reason, crop the dark, bias or flat frames you are using?  Are you using darks and bias frames from you previous efforts?  If so, you probably did something to them when processing your previous data.  You did not mention darks, bias or flat frames - where did they come from?  How many of each do you have?  Assuming all the LRGB frames are untouched and straight out of your camera, the issue must be with your calibration frames.


General / Re: rgb adding lum issues
« on: 2018 June 10 09:14:40 »

A few things:
  - Just to make sure, both images should be already stretched and should not have a Screen Transfer Function applied
  - What image are you applying the LRGBCombination process to?  It sounds like you are doing things correctly, but make sure you are applying the process to the RGB master. 
 - Before combining, check the L and RGB images in Histogram Transformation and make sure that the peaks of the histograms for both images are in about the same place - does not need to be exact. If they are close, then the above process should work. 
 - You should just leave everything else in the LRGBCombo process at default. 

Did that help?

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