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General / TGVInpaint for star removal?
« on: 2017 June 19 19:31:53 »
I am reading about this process in some posts from last year.  I am looking to improve star removal techniques (if anyone has a recent tutorial, I'd love to know about it).

I can't find this process in the current build - is it still available?


General / Judging Dark/Bias rejection levels....
« on: 2017 March 19 07:36:03 »
I'm wondering about how to most properly make a bias or dark master frame.  When working with light frames, it is important to adjust the rejection parameters so that only the problematic pixels are rejected.  This creates a rejection_high frame that is sparsely populated with pixels rather than an image full of 'snow'. 

When creating dark/bias frames, do we do the same?  Or is it best to leave the rejection parameters at default, even when working with large numbers of frames (like 300 bias frames)?

While we are at it, the page on this website about master calibration frames ( says to use 'No Normalization' for pixel rejection, but I have also heard (from Vince Peris) that we should be choosing 'Scale and zero offset'.   Which is correct?

Thank you for all input

General / DrizzleIntegration crashing on Mac
« on: 2016 November 12 14:02:06 »
I just updated Pixinsight today with the latest recommendation and now DrizzleIntegration crashes the program when it runs.  I've restarted everything, etc.  I'm on a Mac, OS 10.11 (not the newest one).  Anyone have a similar issue?

Otherwise, the program seems to be working fine...


Gallery / Bubble Nebula Mosaic - Metsavainio method
« on: 2016 October 29 11:43:46 »
Hello - in the spirit of bitting off more then I can chew, here is my first ever attempt at both a mosaic and narrowband processing.  Previously, I had only worked with LRBG.  Any and all comments are appreciated.  I have not been able to find a similar photo, so I'm not sure what it is 'supposed' to look like.  It is made from a staggering amount of data (50hrs) gathered by Deep Sky West. 

I'm signed up to take the 6 day class in December - I wonder what it will look like after re-processing after that class.



General / Drizzle data not updating properly
« on: 2016 September 29 06:06:17 »
I don't think anything has changed in my process, but now, after registration and integration with 'generate drizzle' turned on, I try to run a Drizzle Integration, but the drizzle data is looking for an old file name - before the 'r' was put on the end by the registration.  It does not seem to be updating the name and I am concerned it is not updating other data as well.  I can rename the files, removing the '_r' and then drizzle seems to run fine, but how can I be sure it is using the changes from the integration process?

Any ideas?  Has anything changed or been updated?  I am on a Mac using latest PI and OS 10.11


Gallery / NGC6946+6939
« on: 2016 July 04 21:16:18 »
This is only my second image ever taken through all the steps of acquisition and processing.  I just started with AP earlier this year and committed myself to learning PI from the start.  A LOT of my education has come from the Light Vortex Astronomy tutorials, but the IP4AP site has been great as well.  There are certainly many issues with the image, but overall I'm pretty happy with it for my second image.  Please help me improve by telling me what you see that needs improvement.   

Scope: ES 102mm Triplet
Mount: CGEM DX
Camera: SX-814
Filters: Astrodon E series Gen 2 LRGB
Guiding: Lodestar OAG
Image scale: 1.34 arcsec/pixel
Exposures: 160x60s L, 42x60s R,G,B

General / Subframe Selector - 0 PSF fittings?
« on: 2016 July 02 12:11:24 »
Hello.  I am working with some images from the other night and LBG all processed normally.  However, about half of the R subframes come up with "0 PSF fittings" and 0 for FWHM no matter which PSF model I use in the Subframe Selector script.  Visually, if I autostretch the 'bad' frames and look at them versus the good frames - I can't see any real difference.  For all the frames, it finds about 3000 stars - good and bad. 

Can anyone help me get this figured out? 


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