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General / Pixinsight can't see xisf files
« on: 2015 July 16 04:43:37 »
Hi folks

I have the trial version and its been behaving itself for the first couple of weeks. I must say it is very impressive.

However, turned PC off last night and turned on this morning and when I go to open an xisf file with PI it can't find any xisf files. They are in the folder because I can see them. xisf is not listed as one of the "All known file formats"

Please don't send me to Q & A because I have been there and can find no answers.

Help please as I am now at dead stop and can do no processing



General / Re: Cannot open xisf file.
« on: 2015 July 16 02:59:37 »
Hi MarcoS

I have got the same problem, what was the solution?



General / not able to select mask
« on: 2015 July 11 06:54:29 »

I am v new to PI, just started to use the trial version.

Selecting a mask did work, but I can't get it to work now. I have opened the luminance channel of an RGB image using channel extraction and the gone to Mask to Select Mask. It opens the process window but when I click on New Mask, the only option is No Compatible Images. I have turned PI off and on again but still no joy. Probably something simple I am doing wrong!!

Look forward to hearing from you


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