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Gallery / NGC 2392
« on: 2006 March 16 01:22:58 »
Hi all,

two days ago, my friend José Luís Lamadrid and me made
some first images with the Mewlon 210 and the modified
300D. This is a short exposure photo, but the result is
overall nice... Only 20 x 1 minute exposures, at ISO 400,
at prime focus (f11.5).

The preprocessing was made in Iris, and the processing
in PixInsight STD (wavelets, 20 iterations of regularized
Richardson-Lucy deconvolution and noise reduction
through SGBNR). The image is at original resolution,
so each pixel corresponds to 0.6 arcseconds.


General / Video Tutorials posted
« on: 2005 August 22 08:26:16 »
Hi Jef!

What a great job! Thanks you very much for these works.

I'm glad you've found my simple tutorial so usefull!  :)

What I'm viewing is that, with this rather complex software, each user has his own tricks, so those videos are usefull not only for new users, but also for advanced users too.

Thanks you another time for your dedication. Keep up your great work.

General / Hello everybody
« on: 2005 March 09 17:41:20 »
Sorry, I was not logged in while writing my reply; the last message is mine.


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