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  I had great hopes that this module would work.  I tried it on two different computers where I loaded into program files for PI bin and no luck. All files were present as shown in the readme section of the download.  Must be the cpu limitation.  Is there anyway that this can be further refined so that it operates with all cpu's?

Hello Niall,

   Yes the os is windows 7 64bit.  Thank you.

New Scripts and Modules / Can't get older aip sho script to load
« on: 2017 August 22 06:11:18 »
  I recently updated PI, but lost the aip sho script.  I've gone to feature script and tried to load to the scr file, but no luck.  Can some one help me on this?  PI shows the new scripts being found, but then freezes.  Thanks for any help. 

General / error message for latest update to PI
« on: 2016 September 09 10:48:07 »
I'm getting the following error message when I try to update PI to the latest version.  Thanks for any help.............Jerald

Hello Astroedo,

   After experimenting, I found that I had to convert the images to 16 bit format in either fits or tiff to get the images to xfer to other software.  The 32 bit IEEE format would not work.  If you think that this is wrong, please let me know........Thanks for your help and the information...............Gunny   

  I'm relatively new to PI  and am rather frustrated at my attempts to process my images of comet Lovejoy with both Pi and Maxim dl6.  PI does a great job of dynamic cropping and linear fit along with other features that maxim doesn't offer.  Maxim is easier for calibration and stacking to get my masters.

  I generate my master darks and bias'  for calibration with Maxim, along with master l, r,g,and b frames.  Screen stretch in maxim shows 0 to 65400 as you would expect for the l,r,g,and b.  Once I bring those into PI and perform the linear fit after dynamic cropping, the screen stretch drops to extremely low numbers in maxim.  In performing all the steps to get an rgb color image that looks great in PI, if I move  that same image to maxim, nebulosity, or ccdstack, the screen stretch functions are in the range of 008 to 100 or less.  Not the typical 0-65k range I would expect .  Trying to apply photoshop curves to the rgb image will not work either after converting to tiff format.

   I maxim I'm using 32 bit IEEE format to save the images of l, r,g,b and wonder if that may have something to do with a proper transfer to PI for further processing.  I've worked on this for three days now and I'm stumped..........HELLLLLP!

   Again, thanks for any assistance that you can provide..................Gunny

General / Re: FITS/FTS images from DSS not working in PI
« on: 2014 September 22 10:36:15 »
 HEY HEY, you saved my world today Gerald!  :)

   If you're in my neck of the woods, you've earned one of my home brewed beers.  Thank you soooo much for the help.

   Just remember.......Us Geralds' have to stick together........Have a good day...........Jerald

General / FITS/FTS images from DSS not working in PI
« on: 2014 September 22 06:14:31 »
    Hello to all,

    I'm a newbie to PI using the trial version, but have done some incredible restoration to old images that I have captured in the past.  Currently, I'm having problems transferring mono stacked images from Deep Sky Stacker after stacking and registering the raw fits data of darks, bias, flats, and lum, r,g,b. 

    I am using mono images with FITS format b4 processing with DSS.  Things go smoothly in DSS ( saved as 32 bit interger in dss), but the header information indicates FTS instead of FITS.  When that format is feed into PI everything goes well until you get to the Channel Combination routine.  When you try to enter the separate mono RGB data into the separate RGB data fields of Channel Combination, you get the message "no compatible image."

   Thanks for  any help that you can provide............Gunny

General / Re: newbie problems with some features of PixInsight
« on: 2014 September 12 10:12:02 »
   Hello Rob,

    I also tried that other icon to use channel extraction.  Here is the result with a stretch using histogram transformation.  Like I said, this is not the only function that causes a blanked out screen..........A real mystery to me since things like color combination, dbe work just great.  Thanks for the input..............Gunny

General / Re: newbie problems with some features of PixInsight
« on: 2014 September 12 07:53:45 »
This is a screen shot where I am trying to use channel extraction with no success.

General / Re: newbie problems with some features of PixInsight
« on: 2014 September 12 05:41:44 »
Hope this attachment works

General / Re: newbie problems with some features of PixInsight
« on: 2014 September 12 04:10:28 »
    Did that also and followed his procedures step by step.  Got the same results..........Gunny

General / newbie problems with some features of PixInsight
« on: 2014 September 11 17:06:17 »

    Recently downloaded the trial version of PixInsight and am currently using the recently released tutorial on LRBG combination from Kayron at Light Vortex Astronomy. I also am using the data that is available from Jim Misti's website (M101). Things go well with the combo  of RGB data into a single image with PixInsight (Cropping, linear fit, color combo, dbe, ect.).  I start to have problems once  I try to extract the luminous data utilizing the channel extract function.   I'm trying to  extract a monochrome luminosity image from my RGB data. For this, I select the CIE L*a*b* mode from Color Space. Uncheck a and b, with L checked,  and then click the Apply button.  I am left with a totally black second image on the screen.  STF auto stretch will not function with this image. 
     This black image has also occurred with some other functions such as trying to apply masks in conjunction with ATrousWaveletTransform,  and using the HDRMultiscaleTransform tool. 

     The RGB combination went well in PixInsight and I used Nebulosity to combine the RBG with Luminous data.  Looks good, but I'm at a real loss for why some of the functionality of PixInsight is giving me fits and not working.  Any help and guidance would be appreciated.........Gunny   

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