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General / Re: Out of Memory with localnormalization
« on: 2019 August 22 20:56:02 »
You guys are already talking about stuff of which I have no idea but, have you tried restarting your machine to clear your ram?

General / Re: Would you upgrade my CPU?
« on: 2019 August 18 13:33:19 »
There are simply some things you do in Pixinsight where you are going to have to stand up and walk away no matter how many thousands of dollars you spend. If you take a five minute break, who cares if it’s a seven minute break. I would just go to Costco and get the best desktop you can afford. It will be plenty fast enough, and all the components will work together.

You didn’t mention Mure Denoise but I have found it to be extremely effective and extremely simple. I do it right after Integration.

General / Mass change pixel values
« on: 2019 April 08 08:54:32 »
Using Pixelmath is there a formula that will mass adjust all pixels in a gray image that have a k value of .0010 to change to a value of .0011? My camera has a horizontal banding issue that I haven’t had repaired yet and I am looking for a short term processing fix.

I still must be the dumbest guy on the block. I can see how to manually copy a formula into the window but I fail to see where the formulas are “built in.”

New Scripts and Modules / Re: Subframe Selector PCL Module
« on: 2018 November 13 18:43:35 »
A person mentioned in a related post that some Weighting expressions are built in. I’ve looked all over SFS and can’t find them. Is that possibly not the case, or where might they be located?

General / Re: How many dark frames?
« on: 2018 November 09 11:21:28 »
Always entertaining watching math guys spend more time debating a concept than actually just taking care of the issue. You can take 50, 180 second, darks in 2.5 hours + download time. I shoot three exposure times, 1800 secs, 600 secs, and 300 secs. I put my camera in a dark room in my house for a little less than two days and banged out 50 darks each plus about 100 bias. No one have two cloudy days to do that?

As you may have seen, there is a new SFS module that can be installed that is world’s faster than using the script method. But, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t output a CVS file in the same format that your brilliant Excel function requires. Would you mind taking a look at that and see if you could modify your spreadsheet to read this new format? That would be the best of both. Thanks

General / Pixelmath-change value of pixels
« on: 2018 October 14 08:22:11 »
I have a large sensor camera with a bit of a banding problem. I’ve looked at the value of the pixels in the bands, they seem to have a k value that is generally one count less than the background. I’d like to use Pixelmath to bump those pixels up to a value that matches the overall background. Maybe even slightly randomize the spread. Would someone mind taking a stab at an expression that will cover all or part of this? Thanks.

Link to an Ha image-

It occurred on my Mac Pro also.

Win 10, fully updated copy of PI. I used the script for the first time. I found that the command window never released back to Ready, even after the new image had been created and the script had apparently stopped running. I was able to exit out of the script.

General / Re: PI won't restart after I close the program
« on: 2018 June 11 18:47:23 »
That is annoying. Just open anything else, like a text doc, and PI will open again.

General / Re: Color-Splitter type CMOS Chip vs RGB type
« on: 2018 February 24 13:10:00 »
This is a lab experiment and a long way away from implementation. Interesting, none the less.

General / Re: help please is it the end of DSLR imaging for me
« on: 2018 February 24 13:00:56 »
Do these spots appear on your unprocessed subs? Do they appear on the unprocessed flats? Doesn’t help to worry about why the leaves on your tree are yellow when you don’t know what’s going on with the roots.

General / Re: Row defects in Cosmetic Correction
« on: 2018 January 21 13:01:38 »
I was quite meticulous in hitting the Save button. Just checked again, manually entered rows 1-4, hit Save, quit PI, opened the txt file to read it, and the new rows are not present. Could be an issue with my computer but I don’t think so. Txt behaves as it should outside of PI.

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