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General / How to extract WB setting from debayered RAW image?
« on: 2019 February 13 10:47:28 »
Is it possible to extract WB setting from RAW image opened in PixInsight? RAW settings is displayed in attached image.

I have same question. I cannot anymore use Carlos modules. Is here anyone that know the answer.

Sorry Juan, but I must react to your post. PCL documentation (still incomplete) is not helpful for JavaScript. Here is simple example:
This is part of your code (AutoSTF.js)
Code: [Select]
function main()
   var images =;

From where can I know, that ImageWindow has property windows?
Why can I write ImageWindow without defining main UIObject? (from PCL Doc...  "...UIObject is the root base class of all PCL classes...").

Another example - I try to create simple script to write image properties (width, height) into console.
Code: [Select]
var window = ImageWindow.activeWindow;   // in PCL documentation defined as ActiveWindow() - method and UpperCase first letter
var view = window.currentView;                   // CurrentView() - same as above
var h = view.height;                                    // Height() - same as above

I got undefined property view.height as result of this simple script.

Of course it's possible to read scripts from other authors, but it's not easy to understand it using PCL doc help.

It will be very useful to write simple PixInsight reference about javascript objects, their methods and properties. It will help us to start programming (and understanding) PixInsight  utilities in this language.

General / How to disable thumbnail opening?
« on: 2017 September 11 12:19:06 »
When opening FITS file, embedded thumbnail is opening too. This causes error at Batch preprocessing scripts. Is it possible to remove thumbnail from image, or prevent open thumbnail?

General / Re: Star alignment issue
« on: 2017 June 26 00:34:15 »
Juan, thank You very much. Next time I will try this parameter too.

General / Re: Image Registration Fails
« on: 2017 June 25 23:18:59 »
I have similar problem. Images contains a lot of stars, but registration fails permanently. If anybody know the solution, please help us. Here is original post with sample images.

General / Star alignment issue
« on: 2017 June 25 03:06:15 »
To this time I never have problem with image registration. Now I have set of comet Johnson images, that I cannot register using star registration module. I have used default settings. Later tried to change log sensitivity or other parameters. Still the same result. Sample images are stored on endor file server.

Comet Johnson sample files

Please help, if anybody knows.

General / Re: Mysterious tool bars
« on: 2017 May 31 22:02:28 »
I reported this more than a year ago. Nothing happened. We need more users to report this bug, then it will be fixed (may be).

General / Re: Basic UI question
« on: 2017 April 05 03:09:34 »
I have similar problem. At each launch in different screen resolution I need to modify tool bar (remove zoom icon set for example). If I start PixInsight with external display (different resolution as primary display on laptop), tool bar is back. Is it possible to remove this "feature"? I asked this question in wish list topic, but without comment.

Very interesting video. I am looking for method to obtain nice soft stars. Your workflow looks very good.

Plese, please, is it possible to fix that issue? It is too uncomfortable for me. Many thanks.

General / Re: How to backup the PI settings ?
« on: 2016 February 14 23:52:34 »
I explained why and how are these settings lost. Explanation is in bug report.

I removed Zoom toolbar at home. Today starting PixInsight at bigger display, zoom toolbar is again visible. In specified folder is only one Pixinsight.ini. I made backup of this file and compare it with INI file created after correct desktop settings.
Main difference is in startup time, pixel dimension of main screen and changes in MainWindow\Layout=@ByteArray(...). There are encoded settings for toolbar too.
Main reason is display resolution. If PixInsight started with different display resolution than stored in INI file, PixInsight will reset some keys with default values. I think, that reseting toolbars is not necessary.

General / Re: How to backup the PI settings ?
« on: 2016 February 12 10:34:36 »
In specified folder remains only pixinsight.ini. When started pixinsight at work (main difference is network and external display), PixInsight started without Zoom toolbar.
Now, after starting PixInsight at home (another network and without external display) the zoom toolbar is again visible. In specified folder is only Pixinsight.ini. Can I explore or test something else?

I try to hide zoom toolbar, exit PixInsight and make backup of Pixinsight.ini. After next corrupted startup will do the same thing. I am curious for file difference...

General / Re: How to backup the PI settings ?
« on: 2016 February 12 03:30:35 »
I found in specified folder these files (see attachment). I moved *64.ini and *.nW8604 to another folder and now will wait what happens. :-)

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