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New Scripts and Modules / Re: PCL: CFA to RGB module (CFA2RGB)
« on: 2018 November 19 10:30:34 »
exactly same happens to me. Cannot install the module, is there a workaround for this?

Thank you.

Gallery / Re: NGC6914, vdb131, vdb132
« on: 2018 September 05 01:03:16 »
Thank you, guys, much appreciated!

Gallery / Re: NGC6914, vdb131, vdb132
« on: 2018 August 30 05:12:41 »
Thank you, Rick, this was very enjoyable to process !

Gallery / NGC6914, vdb131, vdb132
« on: 2018 August 28 21:43:32 »
Hi guys,

some of my latest work. Been waiting to image this area since last summer and have tried to image it in last July. But weather didn't played along and I could gather couple hours of Ha data, which wasn't even used later.
During new moon this month I tried again and this time I could squeeze one night of imaging and gathered 4 hours of exposure. With some clouds in between yet again.
Wonderful field of glowing hydrogen gas that looks like a magic red carpet with blue pearl gems laying in the middle...
LRGB - 1 hour to each channel 
Hope you'll enjoy!
Full res and rest of the details here:

General / Re: Image Calibration Problem
« on: 2018 August 28 08:55:31 »

if I was wasting my time with 200 frames Master Bias, then my guess it would apply to maybe 95% of astroimaging community, that they are also wasting their time...

The math is right , but it oversimplified when we don't know what MB and MD actually is. If I simply refer to the (LF - MB) - (MD - MB) = LF - MD
then it may make me believe, that I can simply use only one single dark frame and calibrate with it all the Lights and get good results.

While it is true, using only one single dark frame that can efficiently remove unwanted signal, why then we strive to create a good masters of many frames?
The quality of the Light will be totally depend on the quality of MB and MD which is subtracted from it.

Once again , if we just refer to the math (LF - MB) - (MD - MB) = LF - MD, does it mean that if I use MD made of 20 frames and MD made of 200 frames, the result of the calibrated LF will be the same?
We all can agree that it is not. The noise that will be injected from Master with 20 frames will be higher than from a master of 200 frames. Master of the 200 frames will represent the actual noise and FPN way better
than a one single frame or stack of 10 -20 frames.

So my point is, if you have a Master Dark made of 20 frames and Master Bias made of 200 frames, you would still benefit from subtracting them both instead of only subtracting a Master Dark of 20 frames.

General / Re: Image Calibration Problem
« on: 2018 August 28 07:35:07 »
Hi Mark,
yes, no problem with that, either way will work fine. Subtracting Master Bias from Master Dark during Light Calibration will not cause truncation.

My point was to address Bernd post " if you don't calibrate dark frames or the MasterDark you must not use a MasterBias with your light frames either."

I still believe that using high quality Master Bias of 200 frames will be better than calibrate your lights with just Master Dark made of 20 frames.
Of course, if I could get 200 frames of darks, then the Bias signal and Dark signal in the stack will be better represented and I can forget about Master Bias.

But I just brought an example, if you have Master Bias with 200 frames and Master Dark with 20 frames, will you skip the Master Bias correction and use only Master Dark made of 20 frames?
Just saying that I would not.

General / Re: Image Calibration Problem
« on: 2018 August 28 02:47:10 »
Guys, correct me if i'm wrong.
Let's say you have 200 Bias frames and 20 Dark frames. The Bias signal will be more precisely represented in a stack of 200, than in a stack of 20 Darks.
Stack of 200 will inject less noise to lights than a stack of 20.
So what I usually do is, I'm pre-calibrating 20 Darks with high quality master Bias (200 frames) using Pedestal which is a must to prevent truncation.
Therefore I more precisely remove Bias signal from Darks. Then stack and create Master Dark from those 20 frames.
During light calibration I disable Dark Optimization and Dark calibration. Doing so, I remove more precisely Bias signal from Lights, then, Dark signal and pedestal got removed also.
I believe this way I inject less noise and create better calibrated Lights, than if I just had calibrated them all with a stack of 20 Darks.

Gallery / Re: Leo Triplet - yes, another one :)
« on: 2018 April 23 10:53:27 »
Wonderful indeed, Rick!
Full resolution are full of details, very nice!

Gallery / Re: M106 Galaxy
« on: 2018 April 18 04:39:30 »
Thank you, Rick!
Hopefully I can complete gathering Ha data for the core and then it would be perfect.
But none the less, it was a pleasure to work with what I had.

Gallery / M106 Galaxy
« on: 2018 April 18 01:42:32 »
Hi guys,
after 5 months of not being able to shoot a single frame, last month I got lucky and could squeeze every single frame from a one perfect night.
Didn't had time to go for something faint and fuzzy, so went for a classic, M106. With perfect weather and dark skies, even 2.5 hours of luminance can give you
something to work with.

GSO 8" RC + QSI660 = 6 hours in total.
Rest of the details and high res image, as always, can be found on a dedicated page here:

Beautiful Galaxy, hope you like it!

Gallery / Re: Sh2-171
« on: 2017 November 12 07:35:53 »
Inaki, this is well handled data with great processing. Love the field and colors, great shot!

Gallery / Re: M33 HaLRGB
« on: 2017 November 12 07:33:03 »
Rodd, you can be proud, astonishing details in marvelous galaxy, great job!

Gallery / Re: SH2-114 Flying Dragon nebula
« on: 2017 November 12 07:27:01 »
Rick, that is very eye pleasing image. Good contrast, great colors and I can definitely can see a flying dragon. Ohh boy, 64 hours, it have to be a pleasure to work with this kind of data.
Thanks for sharing!

Gallery / Re: NGC 691 & Friends (a not often seen pair)
« on: 2017 November 11 01:34:48 »
Nice.Thanks for the details.

Gallery / Re: NGC300 in Sculptor
« on: 2017 November 11 01:05:05 »
Geoff, that's a lovely galaxy, great colors!

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