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General / Re: Install Problem Win10 64bit new version
« on: 2019 December 22 15:15:59 »
I have tried re-booting and renaming the "Pleiades" and "Pleiades Astrophoto" folders in the users folder.

I think the problem was that I was trying to install on a drive that was the C: drive. Works now that I have put it on the C: drive, thank you.

General / Install Problem Win10 64bit new version
« on: 2019 December 21 18:34:47 »
I am trying to install the new PI version, but I keep getting a hang on the install screen saying "Preparing files for removal". I have uninstalled the previous version. Any suggestions?

General / Re: Images fail to register
« on: 2017 December 15 17:19:29 »
Thanks Rob,
I checked the calibrated and debayered files and it seems the flats I have been using screw up the calibration process. Seems to work better without flats.
Cheers Grant

General / Re: Images fail to register
« on: 2017 December 14 17:26:32 »
Hi Rob,
I have just read on a recent PI forum post that the dcraw import is probably causing the problem, as it clips the images. I apparently need to run LibRaw but I don't know how to do that. Can you assist?
Cheers Grant

General / Images fail to register
« on: 2017 December 14 17:13:54 »
I am trying to process images from a new Pentax K-1 camera (35Mp) and I am using batch preprocessing. I get to the image registration section and the program fails with the message saying cannot match stars. I have tried to increase the noise level settings but without success. Can anyone suggest what other things I can try?

General / INDI Device Controller
« on: 2017 August 03 16:19:05 »
I am looking at using the INDI module to drive my scope and camera, and wondered if there was a walk-through or tutorial on the process?

Thanks, I will give it a try.
Cheers Grant

My problem is getting the star mask right. Any suggestions on settings?

Forgot to add this comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 which is clearly visible in our southern skies at the moment.

Bug Reports / Comet Align Tool does not work with xisf files
« on: 2014 December 23 02:46:53 »
Hi All,
is it correct you have to convert all the xisf files to fits files before running the comet align module. It says it can't find the time/datestamp.
Cheers Grant

Image Processing Challenges / Need a star mask for a comet merge
« on: 2014 December 23 02:38:36 »
Hi All,
I have been trying to blend a background star field with comet image (stacked using the comet align module) but although I have tried to follow the tutorials in PI-3, I still can't seem to be able to work it out. My problem is trying to determine to correct parameters for the star mask. I have attached the star field image. The images were produced from 80 x 1 minute subs.
Is there someone who can assist with creating a star mask for me so I can merge these images, and if so, which files do you require? I can post them on dropbox.
Regards Grant

General / Re: Sony Raw Files
« on: 2014 November 09 20:54:14 »
Thanks Mike, I will try that.

General / Re: Sony Raw Files
« on: 2014 October 27 01:53:11 »
I am just using single images of nightscapes - 25 second exposures at 3200 ASA. I am opening the ARW files via the file open command, then debayering. I don't seem to be able to get the colour balance right, even with extensive fiddling.

General / Sony Raw Files
« on: 2014 October 26 21:31:03 »
Hi All,
I have been trying to use the ARW raw files from my Sony NEX-7 camera but when I process them in PI, I cannot get the correct colour balance. Any suggestions?
Cheers Grant

General / Tiff File Problem
« on: 2014 October 26 20:58:54 »
Hi All,
I have GeoTiff file comprising an UnSigned 16 bit integer 4 band multi-spectral file and I don't seem to be able to import it with PI seeing the 4 seperate bands.  Any suggestions?
Cheers Grant

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