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General / Re: NB star halos?
« on: 2018 September 04 03:48:36 »
You could use Rick's excellent scalpel - his colormask script - to mask out the magenta.

Alternatively, you could use a pixelmath sledgehammer -

Thanks mate.

I notice that the number of interpolation algorithms in the script's drop-down do not match all of the options that star alignment.  eg Bicubic spline is available, but SA has bicubic spline and bicubic b-spline and so on.  I've been using b-spline is SA.  Results using just bicubic spline as closest match in Mure Denoise appear ok.  Just curious if that's right, or should we limit use of SA algorithms to match the options in MureDN?

General / Re: Batch Preprocessing saving ?
« on: 2018 March 12 17:21:28 »
Simply listen to Geoff!!!!

I interpreted the OP's question to be about saving a process icon for BPP with some values already filled-in, hence my link to the way I do it.  I think Geoff interpreted the question to be about saving any masters created in the process.  I guess the OP may need to clarify?

General / Re: Batch Preprocessing saving ?
« on: 2018 March 11 21:19:15 »

I wrote this a while ago but pretty sure it's still applicable today.

After the forum thread mentioned by Troy, Vicent and I wrote a small tutorial where we describe in detail the method of color filter synthesis we used for the Alhambra survey:

Let me know if you need more information or help to implement something like this.

Aah!  That's the one I was looking for!

If I understand you correctly, this thread came to mind:

That what you mean?

Ah, the light bulb is starting to glow.  Dimly. Thanks Pfile.
What's really happening (I think) is a pixel-by-pixel determination.  That's why they call it PixelMath - Duh.  T[0], T[1] and T[3] are decided upon "per pixel" and not as a whole channel necessarily.  Mind Blown.  More wrapping my head around this to come.

Yes, you've got it.  Pixel by pixel.  Looks like you were thinking the whole image in each channel was getting adjusted, but it's just each pixel.

G: iif(min($T[0],$T[2])>$T[1],min($T[0],$T[2]),$T[1])

The expression looks at each pixel.  If the G isn't strong enough, the pixel is magenta=R+B, boost it to the min of R and B.  Keep in mind the intent of this expression is for use with SHO images, where the nebulosity and background are typically greens/yellows/browns, and the magenta is usually just a halo around the stars.  So the expression has no effect on the nebulosity, just the magenta around the stars - no need for star masks etc.  The effect of increasing the G value to that of R or B in magenta areas is basically to desaturate it, as all 3 channels end up becoming very close values.

It is a sledgehammer approach.  So if you use it on a standard RGB image instead of SHO, and there's magenta elsewhere in nebulosity (maybe M42 for example?), it will desaturate the nebulosity, too.  So in those instances, maybe a star mask would be wise.  Only reason I can think of where you'd be doing this, though, might be for magenta/green chromatic abberations around bright stars, for example.

Not a silly question at all.  PixelMath works on a pixel by pixel basis, and this expression just converts every pixel that is magenta to gray.  So if the only magenta in your image is halos around stars, you can apply to whole image.  But if, for some reason, there's magenta in other parts of your image (like nebulosity) that you may want to keep that colour in, you'd be best to use a star mask so it only applies to the magenta around the stars.

General / Re: Pixinsight Opens images in Gray rather than RGB
« on: 2017 August 28 18:59:22 »
I assume you're talking about opening up a single DSLR RAW image?  The "gray" image you're talking about is not really gray, it's the RAW image that has not been debayered.

If you're wanting to open up a colour (debayered) RAW file, click the "de-Bayer RGB" button in "edit preferences" and make sure the "no image flip" output option is unticked.

General / Re: Linear Fit Question
« on: 2017 August 17 21:28:48 »
My basic workflow is as follows, and it's repeatable to the point that I have process icons set up that I can just apply in sequence for the most part.

Calibrate/integrate subs to get master L, R, G, B
LRGBCombination just the RGB channels
BackgroundNeut and ColorCalibration the RGB image
Stretch the L and RGB images (masked stretch or use the STF function)
Extract the L channel from the RGB image in the Lab color space
Linearfit the extracted L from Lab to the stretched L image
Channel combine the linearfit L back into the RGB image
Then LRGBCombine the L into the RGB image.

New Scripts and Modules / Re: New script: ColorMask
« on: 2017 June 16 20:19:42 »
I wonder what's going to come first - PI 1.8.5 or ColorMask 1.0? :P

General / Re: Painting a mask with the cursor
« on: 2016 October 27 23:55:36 »
You can use the CloneStamp process.  The source image does not have to be the image you're cloning onto, so use an all-white or all-black image of same size as the one you want to paint onto.

General / Re: ImageSolver using list of files not solving
« on: 2016 October 03 17:22:43 »
That's excellent.  Thanks mate.  Made the changes to the script files, and worked perfectly.

General / Re: ImageSolver using list of files not solving
« on: 2016 September 29 04:38:08 »
I have been successfully solving them individually using the "active window".

I also just tried solving a single image (#1 top right of mosaic) using the "list of files" method and the same settings, and it solved fine.  I started adding files - 2 worked fine, 3 worked fine.  Note that they were all adjacent panels, and the I think that because I first did one by itself, the "image parameters" were remembering the first panel's RA/Dec.

I then tried all 20 panels, and only the first 5 (the first column of the 4x5 mosaic) solved, all others failed.

It appears that when using "list of files" it's not picking up on the individual panels' RA/Dec from its headers, but rather it seems to be using the RA/Dec from the "image parameters" fields.

Tested this theory by solving individual frame #20 at the bottom left of mosaic.  Solved fine.  Then tried solving all 20.  The "image parameters" were still there from the individual frame.  It solved 3 of the 20 frames - frame #20 and frames #19 and #15, both adjacent to #20.

Not sure how the code is written, but if using a list of files, despite what it says in the "image parameters" fields, shouldn't the script be picking up on each file's RA/Dec headers?  It doesn't seem to be doing that.

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