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Gallery / Re: 2017 eclipse - HDR
« on: 2017 August 29 10:32:49 »
Absolutely stunning Rob!  I'm still tediously registering all my sets....hope to follow your outline and see if I can come up with anything good.  Thanks for your tips the other day!

Re- halo.....yes I am seeing it on most everyone's images.  My location was high cirrus clouds and the halo is quite prominent on my photoshop processed version.


General / Re: PixInsight 1.8.5 - Was the SHO-AIP script removed?
« on: 2017 August 07 19:27:13 »
Hi Alejandro, thanks for putting them in your repository.  I tried using it and the scripts downloaded but when I try to install them I get this error:
Anyone else encounter this?

New Scripts and Modules / Re: New script: ColorMask
« on: 2016 December 23 11:19:09 »
I'm having the same issue.  On my new MacBook Pro, I cannot add the color mask script to the scripts tab, it shows up grayed out.  I have tried by adding, rebuilding, placing it in a separate folder.  I can open it in the script editor and launch it from there, but cannot get it to show up in my scripts tab.

General / Re: suggestions for computer optimization
« on: 2016 December 23 06:02:28 »
See my previous posts on my resolution.....

Check and make sure you do not have orphaned program files, especially from all the Adobe products.  This was the culprit in my case.  Removing all those files and repairing permissions resolved my start up issue.

During termination of the program, you may encounter a bit of a delay if you have many cached images.  I have it set to clear out the cache so it allows the program to quit almost immediately.

Hope this helps

Tips & Tricks / Re: Red noise in image - any way to get rid of it
« on: 2016 December 07 15:18:42 »
I think a couple of runs of DBE with division and then subtraction might help.  Perhaps post a link to the image and I can see what settings might work.  In terms of the reflections- these are most commonly from the adapters between the focuser and your camera.  If they are internal from the scope- they will be more difficult to deal with.  What I have found in dealing with reflections from my adapters, is painting them with black camouflage paint or lining them with black felt will eliminate them.

Tips & Tricks / Re: Red noise in image - any way to get rid of it
« on: 2016 December 07 13:05:04 »

Those look like they may be internal reflections?  Did you flat calibrate the images?  Did you use DBE during the processing prior to stretching?


Image Processing Challenges / Re: what is going on?
« on: 2016 December 07 09:09:16 »
Ha! I envy you!
....imaging just west of the Boston light dome is a totally different story.

Image Processing Challenges / Re: what is going on?
« on: 2016 December 07 08:46:16 »
....just to point out, unless you are imaging from a mountain top or you have pristine skies from an absolute dark will have gradients.  DBE is not used just to flatten an image.  It is primarily geared towards removing gradients and in my personal opinion, I can not imagine any images taken from earth that would not benefit from it applied properly.

As Greg points out, unlink your channels in STF so you can see what is going on.  Then use just a few samples per row...6-8 or place them manually on areas of clear sky.  Make sure your radius is not too small, keep it above 10 or you will mainly be sampling noise.  If some of your samples are rejected (they appear as red), gradually increase the tolerance and hit resize until they are green. 

At this point save an instance of the settings for reapplication if needed.  Run the DBE process without subtraction and look at the model.  Superimpose the model on your image and see how well it matches up.  If you are happy, then run it with subtraction, normalization checked, and discard the model. 

Sometimes running it a second time is helpful if you have complex gradients.  After DBE, run background neutralization with a preview that again is not too small.  A few stars are ok because the process uses the median for sky background representation and the stars will not be considered in the calculations.  Finally run your color calibration.

After you have completed the DBE and BN steps, you can re-link the STF channels and should no longer have the heavy color bias.

Hope this helps

Gallery / Re: Taurus Molecular Cloud
« on: 2016 November 02 16:50:46 »
Outstanding!!  This has been on my list to go after for quite some time.  My plan was this fall/winter but as you know I am waiting for my FSQ to be repaired.
Really excellent image!

General / Re: Blink Movie on Mac
« on: 2016 September 29 15:17:09 »
Awesome Thanks Rob!  That did the trick

General / Blink Movie on Mac
« on: 2016 September 28 16:58:00 »

When ever I try to create a movie from a Blink sequence I receive an error "external process failed to start"

I have ffmpeg installed via Homebrew.

Any ideas?


is there a recommended hotel in the area?

General / Re: suggestions for computer optimization
« on: 2016 September 18 09:24:19 »
Hi Rob, I have file vault off.  This was really miraculous, running the cleaner app and deleting all those files made a huge difference.  I've been playing for a while and also adjusting the number of times my Ramdisk is pointed to and the program is now running beautifully.  It starts up in seconds, the java scripts load instantaneously without the beach ball and the Benchmark test score is over 6000 for the first time ever on this machine. 

There must have been some corrupting file that was really slowing things down.


General / Re: suggestions for computer optimization
« on: 2016 September 18 08:18:20 »
Just an Update everyone.  Good news!

I started looking through my computer and noticed that I had many leftover files from various deleted old programs....ESPECIALLY the ADOBE's PS, etc. etc. etc.

I used a program I had not used in a while called MacCleanse.  I found many orphan files from old programs, etc.  I deleted all this junk and boom....PIXI is starting up back to normal!  Just as Fast as Juan's machine in the Video!  very relieved :)

Thought I would post this in case someone in the future runs into this type of problem.

Thanks again all for your help.

General / Re: suggestions for computer optimization
« on: 2016 September 16 13:59:36 »
I'm  not computer savvy enough to use something like Dtrace.
Thanks for the suggestion though

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