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Release Information / Re: New Tool: Superbias
« on: 2014 July 08 10:00:16 »
I can report it works very well for a 16803 chip camera [SBIG STX16803]

I just got back from the CFA workshop.  As I suppose everyone knows, Vicent is absolutely spectacular! Not only is he an expert in PI and a great teacher, he is an extremely nice person. I had a great time, learned a lot, and am now very excited about using PI in my imaging.
Thanks for a great workshop,
Best regards,

I will be arriving mid-afternoon on Friday, so if there is a group dinner I would attend.
Best regards,

Very nice!

Gallery / NGC 891 in PI
« on: 2014 May 12 07:29:15 »
Hello, I plan on attending the June PI Workshop at Harvard, and in preparation I have started my first PI image processing set. I have only begun the luminance processing, so it is by no means final.  After a couple of days with Warren and Rogelio's IP4AP tutorial no. 1, I am finding my way around ok in PI.  I look forward to the process, and can see why PI is held in such high regard. I will update the processing as I move forward.

Hi, I signed up and am at the Sheraton Commander. Look forward to meeting you all,
Best regards,
Mark Manner

Personally, I feel that the additional information about the event in Warren's original post was appropriate, and highlighted PI properly. The additional information encouraged me to attend the event and the PI presentations, which seems to me to be useful for the PI community.  Context is always helpful, and that is how I took his original post.

Workshops and Conferences / Re: AIC 2012
« on: 2012 October 28 14:11:24 »
I heard Ron's talk, and it was very helpful to me, someone who is fairly experienced in image processing generally, but not in PI specifically. I think that I will begin to use PI for a variety of processing steps, based in part on Ron's presentation.

General / Current version
« on: 2010 November 16 14:55:43 »
I admit to some confusion over what the current Win 64 bit version is.  My 'about' dialog in PI says the following:

PixInsight Core for Windows (x86_64 - 64-bit)
Core version (commercial)

Is this the most recent version? I have checked the software download page I received, and it seems to be.

Announcements / Re: RBA to Speak at AIC 2010
« on: 2010 October 24 06:45:03 »
Hi Harry,
I look forward to working with the program and the group. As an old dog myself, I am just hoping I can help myself!

Announcements / Re: RBA to Speak at AIC 2010
« on: 2010 October 23 14:13:56 »
I am a long-time PS user, and have had a PI license for several months now.  I just heard RBA's presentation at today's AIC meeting. He was very entertaining and presented PI in an extremely favorable and non-confrontational manner.  It was very well received.  Of course, his images are beautiful.
Listening to him today has encouraged me to give Pixinsight a serious try.  I admit that I have been reluctant to devote time to PI in part because of my aversion to the negativity expressed towards PS and other programs.  I have never understood why that approach was taken by some PI users.  RBA's presentation today should be very helpful in getting others to try PI.
Best regards,  Mark Manner

I just bought a PI commercial license (I like to support software development, even if I don't end up using it) and will try it out on some images as I go forward. I have a lot of different astronomical software, including CCDSoft, MaximDL, CCDStack (and all the other CCDWare products), Mira AP7, AIP4Win, Registar, SigmaClip, PSCS4 and others, now including PI. I have no vested interest in anything, other than the learning curve time.  I would echo what Ron W. said on his forum that over promotion of anything can put many people off.  It is the old 'methinks you protest too much' thing. 
I look forward to using PI on my images. Thanks to Harry for the video tutorials, they are helpful in getting started.
Best regards,
Mark Manner

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